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i was lost
somewhere along the way
and instead of finding the way
i found myself.
in dreaming and in feeling.
i found myself.

Caught Between

I'm not worried.

I found myself talking to an older gentleman yesterday.* He’s a member of the arts and culture movement here. It wasn’t planned. I just followed my intuition and showed up where I needed to be. 762 more words



On 9/9, the day before my 38th birthday, I started to see a new friend / connection for acupuncture treatments. I was going through a bout of insomnia and experiencing (again – *sigh*) a surge of mysterious twitches and pulsations in muscles around my body. 653 more words


Four Misunderstood Intuitive Signals

When we listen to our intuition something magical happens. Despite the conditions and difficulties that confront us, a way is made, a door is opened and the wisdom and grace of the universe flows into our lives. 885 more words

Pareidolia in Your Pocket

(by Theo Dombrowski, from OSC TOK student blog) Virtually everyone who carries a cellphone with a vibrating mode in that handy pocket regularly experiences “phantom phone vibrations”(estimates are as high as 90%). 702 more words

IB Theory Of Knowledge

Controlling Fear

One of the things that always stopped me from success is the fear of what could happen; it’s not about what is, it’s about what if. 729 more words