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Gallery Gathering with Medium Channel Gwen Cupples ~click here~

Gwen works with a High Council of Light Beings to offer spiritual intuitive counseling and energetic healing to help you find happiness by seeing life through different lenses.   58 more words

Mindful Living Paducah Ky

Subtle Changes and Gentle Nudges

Last night before bed my guide was close and reassuring me that all was going as it was suppose to. This was because I have been concerned about some physical issues. 1,328 more words


Are you upset with me? (part one)

Whenever someone asked this question: “Are you upset with me?”, I answered something like, ‘Oh, no, not at all, why do you ask?’  To which the person would respond with the gist of ‘Oh, I was asking because you’ve been odd lately.’  To which I would go into explanation mode.   871 more words

Habitual Phrases

They know everything!

Being a SAHM means that more often than not, you are with your child all of their waking hours, and in all honesty, considering I live in a city where I have live-in help, that statement for myself at least is 95% true. 333 more words


Does the ego help or hinder us? Some people believe the ego gives us that drive to do more and get more. Others believe it has no purpose and can be overpowering and destructive. 136 more words

How I find creative energy

Finding space everyday for simply being, breathing and observing the world is essential to me. A necessity. It is from here I draw energy – creative energy – to move in the world. 99 more words

Magic Rocks or just Pretty Little Things?

I’ve been both super excited and apprehensive about publishing this post because I’ve always loved and owned crystals, however there is such a stigma around using them. 897 more words