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Quote #7 - Never Ignore A Gut Feeling.

“Never ignore a gut feeling, but never believe that it’s enough.” -Robert Heller



So dark. So terrifying. Although there is moonlight, it doesn’t warm my heart as the sunshine, or calm my soul as the river water. I’m lost in the forest. 47 more words

Women's Intuition or Common Sense?

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A woman is more likely to believe in female/woman’s intuition, as opposed to a man who probably thinks it’s a pile of hogwash, and is just a myth. 613 more words


Interview spread

You have a job interview and are nervous. That’s normal. Everyone gets nervous. So, to unwind…what do you do?

Have a coffee and go over your resume? 91 more words


Why do Men CHEAT? When they have everything.

There are numerous reasons why a man would indulge in infidelity;
- boredom
- something new and exciting; the thrill
- nagging partner
- lack of sex output from partner… 382 more words



I was writing a totally different post, having been reminded by a friend that I need to post more often. That post will wait while I share with you what just happened. 137 more words