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Personal growth: Is empathy intuitive or learned?

For a program of personal growth and development to be complete, experts tell us that it is important for us to work on fostering the moral attribute or virtue of empathy within ourselves… 488 more words

Personal Development

Write a list of reasons to keep the no contact rule

It’s a strange thing as humans that love unconditionally, that we can still feel love and affection for and miss people badly even though they have abused and treated us appallingly. 926 more words


Truth will always tell

Truth always tells

I feel kind of conceited because I’m reconsidering naming myself truth

but if you ask the deepest people around me they have all deemed it accordingly… 283 more words

Written Work

Intuitio Scientificto.

Intuition. Gut feel. Whatever one might call it.

Intuition is what one feels about something from within without himself knowing why he feels so.

I read today in an article that intuition may not be a purely out-of-the-blues-I-feel thing. 100 more words


Monitoring the Logic Switch

Is there such thing as being too skeptical? Too logical? At what point does our use of logic prevent us from being happy?

We’ve all heard “ignorance is bliss.” … 226 more words



A big part of what we call intuition
is a mixture of learned prejudices.

It is a sixth sense who warns us
of danger.
But it can turn us into… 197 more words

Clairvoyant Hospice Nurse Fights for Her Life When Psychotic Intruder Tests Limits of Her Intuition by Dawn Davis of HARMONY

“Acting makes me feel alive because it allows me to be used as a vehicle for an expression that is greater than me. It’s a very spiritual experience; I feel that I can be an instrument in service to the energy that connects all of us on a higher level- a level that we’re normally not so conscious or aware of.” writes actor/producer Dawn Davis regarding her new short film HARMONY. 67 more words