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NurseHealer Library Spotlight: First Intelligence

November 2014 NurseHealer Library Spotlight

NurseHealer Library is a way of sharing reading, viewing and listening materials. NurseHealer collects DVDs, books, CDs, cards and educational materials to support classes, workshops, discussions and sharing with others. 229 more words



Should have trusted myself long ago…I was right…I know it.


Primal Outlook

For the span of most of my practice I have been working with angels. Sometimes they get put on the back burner for other work, but they always return. 90 more words

The Fears That Dwell In The Break

The cold water wraps itself all around my body, threatening to find a way into my wetsuit and overwhelm my senses further. I paddle hard toward the break, the heavy waves crashing upon my head and back as I work to overcome them. 2,145 more words


Wake Up With Victoria - November 24, 2014

Here’s this week’s message to help you find the confidence, clarity and courage to live a vibrant, joyful and authentic life. This week is all about giving others the room to show up and be seen and heard for who they are, not just who you think they are.   7 more words



If it is true that you’ve come to exist
I can’t pretend to know just what I feel
For in my story you’ve become a twist… 95 more words


The silence is over. Game on.

image by pottersarms  |  His Wife, dressed by Mr. Morris

Dear friends,

First things first: to those of you who have been intensely visiting this blog and Venom & Clover’s… 370 more words

Enlightenment & Random Aha-moments