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Fire In Da Hole (photo)

I have had this idea of a project in my head for a while now. There is a hiking trail about 10km from my house that I frequent quite often, and on the way there there is an abandoned house burnt out and full of cobwebs and graffiti. 193 more words

Teepee shopping we will go...

My friend Terry phoned me the other day and asked a favor and that was to scout around for a teepee. She has been wanting to having a retreat on her land complete with a sweat lodge as well and thought of me, like who better to ask. 263 more words

Story Teller

The Singularity

Surely all art is the result of one’s having been in danger, of having gone through an experience all the way to the end, where no one can go any further. 

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Pay Attention

It seems like I was constantly reminded/requested/reprimanded to pay attention repeatedly when I was a boy by my parents and teachers. Even when I thought I was paying attention… they frequently thought I wasn’t being attentive enough… at least to meet their expectations. 617 more words


2014-12-18 Body Update

Changes in the new body. Shifts in temperature regulation, stronger intuition, nutritional changes. Thoughts on expression of differences to others. Returning to the Earth plane. Self-love’s link to intuition. 26 more words


6th Chakra - Intuition - Finished Piece

I finally finished the 6th Chakra late last night.  I am satisfied with how this one turned out.  There are so many little details that mean something on this, I’m not sure anyone will get it but me.

Namaste’, friends…

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Laji straightens. He strolls. The broad street through the town center is commendably new, and a canyon, walled on either side by tenement cliff faces. He strolls, as newly usual, down the middle, his feet wrapped in rags, and feels not a thing. 328 more words