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Revolucion de Abril


                           La Revolución del Abril

La revuelta cívico militar que estalló un día como hoy de hace 49 años, en vez de cubrirse con manto de olvido debería convertirse en dolorosa experiencia histórica para que nunca más ningún interés político, económico, nacional o foráneo intente imponer cambio de reversa al carruaje de la democracia dominicana. 358 more words

Invasion of Summit~ 27 April

Hey MS!

Time to capture more servers!  We have declared war against Great Republic! We will be invading their capital ~ Summit. More info~

Date~ 27 April,  Sunday… 29 more words


Vlad the Impaler does for Ukraine

Russia’s attempted take over of part of Ukraine is remarkably subtle, for an invasion. Time was an army of 100,000 would have done the trick, marching in with tanks and artillery in tow. 863 more words

My Very First Post

Aztec warrior convicted of killing White woman - to now stand trial in killing of two girls

The US government made a ‘sailor’ out of a Mexican sex fiend. Where he raped and murdered the female sailor shown below.

 Now, evidence lead police to the Mexican sex fiend, pedophile and US ‘sailor’ in the murder of these two young girls. 41 more words

Living The Diversity Nightmare

Ukrainian forces invade while Russia is distracted.

In a move that has completely blind sided international watchdogs, the Ukrainian Government has secretely transported 74 per cent of its entire population across the border into Russia and is now beginning a long march to invade the Russian capital of Moscow. 136 more words


Utah woman dies horrible suffocation death at hands of El Salvadorian jungle tribesman

59-yo White woman, Margaret Steffey, suffers horrible death due to the American government’s inaction in stopping criminal aliens from entering into the US. Not only keeping them from entering, but, seeing how this one was hundreds upon hundreds of miles from the border, locating and stopping them once they do enter. 325 more words

Living The Diversity Nightmare