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Are you ready to be an Entrepreneur?

When i started this little venture of doing my own online entertainment  magazine, the challenges and adaption to the entrepreneur lifestyle. I remember while i was still doing my research i came across this article on the internet  titled ”5 Realities of being an Entrepreneur?” I had to just look at the main points again after been doing the online magazine for 2 months now, just to evaluate the current position of my venture and to understand why i was doing all of this. 71 more words

Bizniz Talk


Isaac was a musician. Some said a child prodigy, or the nearest you would get to it in this day and age. He was playing the violin in concert by the age of four, and was bought an instrument nearly every birthday afterwards. 495 more words

Not Nuclear but Gnarly with Fusion 360 - Part 2

Designing the Skateboard Deck

In this post I will guide you on how to design the skateboard deck you see at the top of this post. 941 more words


brainpicking on a mind of a genius.

April 16, 2014

His brilliance is beyond question. He never fails to amaze with his inventions. I’m talking about this gifted guy who’s Intelligence quotient excels beyond the reach of the average thinker. 397 more words



There’s a long period of time when I am floating and surrounded by a darkness that is actually comforting.
No sound.
No light.
Just me and the feeling of my own breath and the pulse of my heart slowing down. 467 more words


Great Minds: Leonardo da Vinci

This April 15th marks Leonardo Da Vinci’s 562nd birthday. This well-known jack of all trades is still to this day characterized as one of the humanity’s greatest geniuses in regard to his diverse work in the arts and sciences. 223 more words