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Ramah FUNday Set for January 4, 2015

Inventor and attorney Robert Kasirer earned his juris doctor from of St. John’s University School of Law. Robert Kasirer contributes to a number of entities and organizations, including Camp Ramah. 126 more words

Robert Kasirer

Interview with Gary Galka

Today I’m welcoming Gary Galka. He’s a paranormal researcher and inventor of some impressive devices that are used by paranormal enthusiasts and investigators worldwide. Gary is the owner of DAS, and has investigated and worked alongside Zak Bagans, Nick Groff and Aaron Goodwin of Ghost Adventures.Thank you, Gary for stopping by! 1,915 more words


October 18th - Thomas Edison dies - "Blinded by the Light"

In 1931, #Edison died.  The prolific #inventor is best known for the electric light.  Hence this song by ##ManfredMann singing;#feelgood

Blinded by the Light

Blinded by the light, 488 more words


Everyone is Unique Except Me - Rare Blue Movie by N0 Reason Studio - Toulouse, France

(Watch the pitch video here)

‘Everyone is Unique Except Me’

‘Chacun Est Unique, Sauf Moi’

Exploring Egoism and Morality….by filmmakers

Rare Blue tells the story of Michael Smith, a confident man who has a peculiar interest in rare things. 118 more words


Turn to Page 6: The Printing Press

Printing Press

This just in! A new invention has been overtaking the word of entertainment, news, education, and just about everything in between. The printing press has made a surprising uprising in the past few years and has hit the mark as the most important invention of this century, now we will give you a basic overview of the invention’s details and how it is affecting daily life for just about everyone! 291 more words


Day 34

My brother Nick is a total nut case. As well as his full-time job as a graphic designer he has a little side line as an inventor. 196 more words

10/14/14 IED Lesson - Inventor Project on classroom object

Demonstration of new Inventor skills – splines and patterns

Project – Draw an object in the room using Inventor.   Using calipers to accurately measure the object, draw the object to scale using orthographic projections.   234 more words