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Don't Let the Fear of Your Idea Being Stolen Hold You Back

I am truly amazed by how afraid some inventors are. They fear that someone is going to steal their million-dollar idea. They assume that every company is eagerly lying in wait, ready to rip them off.This ugly point of view rears its head everywhere I look, from conversations on LinkedIn groups to YouTube comments. 102 more words


America, standing on the edge...

America is the super-giant of our age, it excels over almost every other country, how did it come to this. When it all started out, it was a small strip of land on an uncharted continent, its people split by both racial and political biases. 484 more words


One Person can Change the World- Be the Light

Martin Luther King Day got me to thinking about how one person can change the world; they really can. He did. So did plenty of other people, all in their own way, some  great, some small. 635 more words

Rett Syndrome

Billy Bob Teeth Founder to meet with fans, inventors

ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI)-Jonah White is the co-founder of the gag-gift company Billy Bob Teeth and the star of the Discovery Channel hit TV show  117 more words

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Patent/Trademark Experts & Inventors Offer Insight Into Invention Process

Join the Denver Urban Spectrum at 11 a.m. to 12:30 on Saturday, Feb. 7 for the Dreams, Patents & Trademarks panel with U.S. Patent and Trademark Office Denver Regional Office Director Russ Slifer, Faegre Baker Daniels attorney Brian Brown, CSU research scientist Gillian Bowser, and Lacrosse Fit Trainer inventor Joshua Marable.

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Young Inventors Celebrated With Youthful Presentation & Student Essays

Join the Denver Urban Spectrum at 2 to 3:30 p.m. on Saturday, February 7 as we celebrate the inventiveness of youth. Our Young Inventors presentation features John Guydon, CEO of the Lassy Project, a free service that allows parents and guardians to notify an entire local community about a missing child in seconds. 227 more words

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HISTORICAL MOMENTS: "Klaus Fretzer: Madman Across the Water"

Today marks the tragic death anniversary of eccentric, eighteenth century German inventor, Klaus Heinrich Fretzer, from the village of Buxtehude.

I suppose the right trivia night question would be, “Who invented the Ümlaut?  216 more words