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An introduction to Dependency Injection (DI) and Inversion of Control (IoC)

There is so much confusion and arguing about what dependency injection is and whether is the same as inversion of control or just one form of it. 1,110 more words


Dependency Injection in a nutshell, Pt. 2

After the introduction post about DI, we’ll take it up further with various DI concepts such as Constructor Injection, Poor Man’s DI, DI Containers… 810 more words


Dependency Injection in a nutshell, Pt 1

Dependency Injection is all about separating objects from their dependencies. Despite all the bells and whistles, it’s a relatively easy subject, but the way to understand it can be pretty tricky. 989 more words


Spring Sample Project

Hi everyone, this article we will create a sample spring application. This way you will get used to the components involved in any spring application. I’ll be using Netbeans as my IDE. 356 more words


Spring - Introduction

Hello everyone, hope you are doing good. Today we are going to talk about the Spring framework in JAVA. The article is just to introduce you to the fundamental concepts that form the core of the spring framework. 468 more words