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False Widow and other household spiders - no threat (Video)

Earlier this year I presented at BettaKultcha (an event I’m a big fan of) on spiders. As the video is up, if you really want to see me talking to a darkened room and a small but appreciative audience, now’s your chance:


Beneficial Insects in the Garden

Are you interested in making your garden more habitable to beneficial insects? Here is a list of invertebrates you might want in your garden, followed by a chart showing what plants are likely to attract them and what plants may repel pests. 9 more words


Deep sea snail named after British punk rocker

This music video from England is called The Clash - Live Manchester 1978. Songs: I’m so bored with the USA – London’s Burning.

And this music video from Manchester, England is called The Clash – Capital Radio / Janie Jones / What’s My Name / Garageland – October 1977. 351 more words


When ponds are fertile, mussels aren’t

Freshwater mussels help to maintain water quality by filtering suspended particles and reducing concentrations of heavy metals, pesticides and other pollutants. Unfortunately, however, freshwater mussels are experiencing dramatic declines around the world. 302 more words


Stream animals hang on when surface water dries up

Under drought conditions, the survival of freshwater species depends on the availability of refuge habitats. The bottom substrate of a stream is a potential refuge, but little is known about its use by stream invertebrates after surface water has disappeared. 245 more words


Do stable habitats support longer food chains?

Food chain length (the height of the food web, or the number of trophic transfers from basal food resources to top predators) affects ecosystem productivity, trophic cascades and the bioaccumulation of toxins. 240 more words


Gum tree leaves spell danger in summer

In hot summer conditions, when many streams are reduced to a series of still, stagnant pools, oxygen levels drop and concentrations of toxic compounds, such as polyphenols and tannins leaching from fallen leaves, increase. 297 more words