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Sea urchin video

This is a video about a sea urchin, filmed in Grevelingen lake in the Netherlands.

This specimen is a green sea urchin. Not poisonous, unlike some of its relatives in the… 45 more words


Pictures from event on 12th April

Thanks so much to everyone who came along on the 12th. The weather stayed fine. The seeds and plants were all planted. The seeds have been watered and are germinating. 79 more words


Swallowtail, from chrysalis to butterfly

This video from the Netherlands is about a common yellow swallowtail‘s metamorphosis from pupa to butterfly.

Johan van Zijll made the video on 9 April 2014. 55 more words


Dutch bird, mammal and caterpillar news

This video is about black terns in the Netherlands.

Dutch conservation organisation Zuid-Hollands Landschap, in their annual report about 2013, mention not only birds of the Zandmotor island… 201 more words


Weeding the garden uncovers backyard menagerie

It’s the time of year when weeds are growing like mad in the garden. I am down on my knees for hours on end trying to keep our garden free of them. 851 more words


Underwater Diversity

It is amazing how many different ways organisms can survive in the ocean.  One of the most interesting is the many different strategies to try to get food from the water (filled with phytoplankton, zooplankton and detritus (particles of decaying algae and animal material)), from larger algae growing on the bottom, or from the organisms that consume these sources. 193 more words

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