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8 things I have learned in Direct Sales or Network Marketing - advice from a Pro.

Let’s be short and sweet.  This is why you should listen to me.  I’ve been in the business 4 years, I have the best mentors in the world, and I’ve been able to quit my job, earned multiple trips to exotic and faraway destinations, I was the number one director in my company at my level before I’d even been in the business 3.5 years, I have a $40,000 Benz getting delivered to me in 2-3 weeks, and I’ve tripled what I used to make working 60 hour weeks.   1,134 more words

When Society Becomes An Addict!

To Transform Addictions

An essential part of changing or recovering from harmful life choices (ADDICTIONS) is education about the patterns, how they began, what forces influenced their creation (conditioned them), and what are the inner and outer forces that may cause them to reoccur or continue. 1,162 more words

Know Yourself

The Tree Story

Remain centered, balanced, and rooted,

just as a tall, strong tree in the forest,

whose top leaves and branches are blown all about by breezes and strong winds. 87 more words

Know Yourself

What Does It Look Like When Things Are Going Well? What Am I Doing?

What’s the payoff from investing in myself to learn new lifestyle skills?

  • I’m doing the footwork. I’m making the daily choices–taking the time–to make the choices that I know help keep me on track.

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Know Yourself

Invest In Yourself with Lyfebulb

By: Dr. Karin Hehenberger

Lyfebulb only launched a few months ago, but it had been a dream of mine for many years prior. I have always wanted to make an impact, to go against the norm and embrace innovation and new ideas to find solutions to difficult problems. 444 more words


Am I The Only One That Feels Overwhelmed or Out of Balance?

We go through life in stages, it simply does not remain the same through the years. We experience transitions in relationships, children, work, and physical changes. 382 more words

Women In Transition

Invest In Yourself workshop in Dundalk next weekend

Invest In Yourself are set to host a weekend workshop and retreat on relaxation, mindfulness and meditation with a difference in Mount Oliver Convent in Dundalk on Saturday and Sunday November 22nd and 23rd. 40 more words