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How Much Are You Worth?

Think about the amount of money you spend each day. How much of it leads to a truly satisfying life? Do you want to exchange unhealthy patterns for healthy ones? 368 more words


The Ideal Client

Is there such a thing as an ideal client?

I would love to help each person that does not recognize their personal ability to change and grow. 259 more words

Invest In Yourself

An Answer to Prayer

Have you ever been really stuck and wondered how you might unravel and transform your personal confusion? When I cried out and asked life…”Please help! I’m confused and unskilled and don’t know what to do. 164 more words

Know Yourself

Where I Stand: Invest In Yourself

I hope that what I have had to share so far in this series has been helpful to someone.
It has been a good way for me to process what I have learnt. 286 more words

Asking For Help

Learn 2 Love Yourself in 6 Easy Steps with this new fancy infographic!

It’s true. I’m really loving these infographics for summarizing all this important stuff. I hope you’re finding them useful too!

You can also view this here too!

Advice For Teens


Stay away from negative energies,
it is not a healthy choice
mentally, physically or emotionally.
It will drain your well of happiness dry.

A healthy dose of peace and serenity… 27 more words


Where I Stand: Don't Let Others Define You

I didn’t realise until I started going to therapy how much of myself I censored for different people.

After talking to my therapist about how much I worried about people judging me & how much I judged myself I came to the conclusion that I had different ‘faces’ for different groups of people in my life. 109 more words

Asking For Help