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Don't Forget to Be Kind to Yourself

Are you taking care of your needs, or do you often times find that you are neglecting yourself? Maybe you aren’t getting enough sleep because you have too much to get accomplished during the day. 189 more words


Notice The Complex Web of Holistic Health and Weight Management


Weight and health management is about life balance with many factors affecting each other.

Experiencing a healthy weight is about balance–calories in (food) vs. calories out (exercise). 284 more words

Know Yourself

Imagine Your Ideal Day! Take Some Time to Experience...

Uncover Your Joy That Is Deep Within!

Whatever thoughts you choose to focus on expand! The more you look for and think about the JOY within you, the more real it will become for you. 387 more words

Know Yourself

What Are We Powerless Over?



Well, just about everything! Really, we only can shape our inner attitudes and what we choose to do in each moment. To cultivate healthy thinking habits explore … 746 more words

Know Yourself


“Start working on making tomorrow better than yesterday…Today!!!”



Your days should be spent on making a better you… Your todays should always be better than your yesterdays…


Home Coming: Reclaiming and Championing Your Inner Child

John Bradshaw in his book, Home Coming asks the question, “How do all those tender elves (the delightfully vibrant, alive, naive, optimistic, filled-with-wonder children) become murderers, drug addicts, physical and sexual offenders, cruel dictators, morally degenerate politicians? 2,204 more words

Know Yourself

Invest in yourself

Anjani Jani, senior associate dean, Yale School of Management, discusses the importance of an international experience for a management industry aspirant in conversation with Gauri Rane

Invest in yourself