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Quest Diagnostics To Doctors: Not Accepting Ebola Blood, Patients

DENVER (CBS4) – CBS4 has learned that Quest Diagnostics, the nation’s largest diagnostic lab company, has told doctors, hospitals and health care providers nationwide the company will not accept blood samples suspected of being infected with Ebola; and will not knowingly allow any patients suspected of having Ebola into Quest offices. 293 more words


Defense Outreach In Holmes Case Was 'Manipulative,' Victim Says

AURORA, Colo. (CBS4) – A victim of the Aurora theater massacre said he believes defense lawyers and anti-death penalty groups have tried to use him like a pawn. 742 more words


Lawsuit In Clayton Lockett Execution Claims 'Biological Experimentation'

DENVER (CBS4) - A noted Denver attorney filed a lawsuit Monday on behalf of the estate of an inmate executed in Oklahoma.

David Lane, who has gained prominence with anti-death penalty groups, sued Oklahoma’s governor, corrections officials, the manufacturer of the drugs used in the execution and a physician, among others. 201 more words


Civil Service Fires Hearing Officer Who Closed DPD Hearing

DENVER (CBS4) – The Denver Civil Service Commission has fired Hazel Hanley, a hearing officer who closed a disciplinary hearing for Denver police officer Stephanie Southard, who was accused of having sex while on the job and in uniform. 547 more words


Two Denver Parking Agents Impaired On Job Crash Cars, Fired

DENVER (CBS4) - CBS4 has learned that two city of Denver parking enforcement agents crashed their city vehicles while on duty in September, and both were subsequently found to be impaired while on the job while handing out parking tickets to citizens. 481 more words


Denver Suspends Officer For Anti-Gay Comments

DENVER (CBS4) – CBS4 has learned that a veteran Denver police officer has been suspended for three months for a barrage of anti-gay comments directed at coworkers, including referring to lesbian colleagues as “that dyke … dyke bitch” and even more offensive sexual terms. 458 more words


Interim Denver Sheriff Will Not Seek Job

DENVER (CBS4) – Elias Diggins, the interim Denver sheriff, will not seek the permanent job, according to multiple sources familiar with the situation.

Several sources familiar with Diggins’ decision-making process have told CBS4 Diggins, 41, recently decided not to apply for the full-time job. 149 more words