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Collapse of the Industrial Civilization, Peak Oil ,the Depth of Government Corruption and Media Manipulation


Published on Apr 21, 2014

Abby Martin speaks with Michael Ruppert, investigative journalist and
author of ‘Crossing the Rubicon’, about destructive energy policies, the… 800 more words


Photo suggests Lee Harvey Oswald meant he was a Patsy, not "patsy"

That’s right! It’s time once again to RELEASE THE SQUIRREL! And I’m not talking about whatever it is those male ballet dancers have wedged under their tights. 709 more words


Cattle trafficking and illegal abattoirs: how should animals cry for help?

CHENNAI: India, a country where cow is considered holy and Nandi (the bull) as the chief attendant of God Shiva in the Hindu mythology, ironically, is also known as one of the biggest exporters of beef in the world after Brazil and Australia according to… 1,319 more words

Tamil Nadu

MH370 - A Word On The Word Conspiracy

No doubt the astute readers amongst us would have detected a strong whiff of “conspiracy theory” wafting between the lines of this blog. It is, therefore, necessary that I pause briefly to reflect upon the word. 298 more words


Darlington, A massacre, and what I love about Britain

At the 2014 Liberal Democrats party conference, the Lib dem leader Nick Clegg gave a speech in which named the reasons for loving Britain. have with this photo stills video tried to show how is view of British-ness ties in with the culture of my town

Game 1 vs MIN: Crush Minnesota

When I wrote my last post here, the Avalanche had a >99% chance of facing the Chicago Blackhawks in their opening playoffs series. As the astute reader may have observed, that is no longer the case. 434 more words

Colorado Avalanche

"Enjoy the ride": an interview with Professor Richard Keeble

Richard Keeble, Professor of Journalism, Lincoln University

Professor Keeble is a professor of journalism at Lincoln University, and teaches the BA in investigative journalism, which involves basics in manipulating and finding stories in data.  755 more words