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I just have to weigh in on Serial like everyone else

I’m finally going to get out of my blogging block and start being a writer again. It’s a decision I’ve been trying to make for several weeks, but something has inspired me. 567 more words


Loving Change Media University!!!

Tonight, I found the We Are Change YouTube channel and FELL IN LOVE.  And this particular video introduces an alternative education resource teaching real career training that leads to a better world.  28 more words

Video Recommendations

John Pilger's Message To World's Journalists.

(Cross-posted from johnpilger.com – An article written by John Pilger) *******

War by Media and the Triumph of Propaganda

5 December 2014

Why has so much journalism succumbed to propaganda? 2,624 more words

Earth Matters

Lululemon Has Winter All Wrapped Up!

Okay. Raise your hand if you got suckered into buying the Vinyasa scarf at Lululemon?

(raised hand)

It looks super cool, right? I do wear scarfs a lot and I thought that this was a super good deal since you can wear it ten different ways… Well. 114 more words

Word Vomit

From the other point of view

Many people complain about the NHS in Britain, pretty much all the newspapers carry tales of terror, malpractice and all kinds of horrible stories of long waiting times, poor standards of and a general lack of care; of staff seeing patients as just another task to sort out in a long line of tasks that need their attention. 901 more words

Perbedaan New Journalism dan Investigative Journalism

Sebelum membandingkan keduanya, ada baiknya mencari tahu makna masing-masing istilah. Dijelaskan dalam britannica.com, New Journalism merupakan sebuah gerakan sastra Amerika di tahun 1960-an dan 1970-an yang mendorong pembentukan batas-batas baru dalam lingkup jurnalisme tradisional dan penulisan nonfiksi. 573 more words


Chapter 1 from my new novel - JUMP


Wisdom is nothing more than the willingness to repeatedly review the basics of human knowledge.

The wisdom of the NSA lies in constantly reviewing the knowledge of our enemies. 3,806 more words

Air Gap