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As part of the 13F filings in mid-August, we learned that Mohnish Pabrai bought Posco as a significant holding in his portfolio.

Probability calculation

Here are some things that we know about Pabrai’s investments: 1,091 more words

Value Investing

Sinbad’s Media looking for a Business Partner / Investor

What we offer: Sinbad’s Pocket Guide Websites (16)
Acquired Internet Domain Names (url) and ISSN


Raymond Ackerman Podcast


This week’s Friday post was dedicated to Raymond Ackerman.

Have you ever heard of Pick ‘n Pay? Raymond was the man who turned it from a small group of 4 stores, to a multinational empire. 90 more words

Quick Notes

René Girard and Mimetic Desire: Envy is the Key to Human Behavior

René Girard is one of the great intellectuals of the 20th Century. He can perhaps best be called a theoretical anthropologist, but he is a true multi-disciplinary thinker. 567 more words

5 things you need to know about super

People often tell me that they find super too complicated. It’s true, there are finer points to check up on but this basic list will give you over 80% of what you need to know. 611 more words


How to Calculate Compound Interest

You are probably familiar with the basics of compound interest, which is simply interest that grows on itself. Interest payments are made once per year, or multiple times per year, both on the principal investment, as well as the accumulated interest. 194 more words


Freezing thoughts

I chose this image of a glacier for my new blog because I am freezing thoughts in this space. I am chronicling the trials and errors, and successes, that I have experienced throughout my career as a community organizer, nonprofit executive, and now as a novice real estate investor (my newest hobby). 65 more words