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Toms Takes Investment

Social do-gooder and top shoe retail brand, Toms has partnered with Boston-based capital investment house, Bain Capital. The eight year-strong startup company has been active with third world countries and have achieved some remarkable things. 157 more words


Investing in Jewelry — is it a Myth or a Dream Come True?

While travelling in Russia, I noticed how consumers influence different industries.  Take for example the jewelry industry. It amazed me to see how many jewelry stores were in business, and the variety of international brands that were available. 26 more words


4119 Clayton Avenue Creation!

Located in the west side of the Los Feliz, Franklin Hills neighborhood, this prime piece of Los Angeles real estate caught our eye the moment it hit the market Saturday. 388 more words


Top 5 Mistakes New Landlords Make

So you’ve taken the plunge and decided to invest in a rental property.  There are a lot of mistakes that new landlords often make. Here are the Top… 335 more words


What Tech Hubs Are Getting Wrong in Africa (and How to Fix It)

In a post about Africa’s growing tech hub community, researcher Dan Evans (whose work we’ve covered previously), writes:

“Based on the maturity and business viability of many of the small tech firms that we have met with over our data collection visits, and the modification of many incubators’ business models, we completely understand the thought-process behind this “pivot” in strategy.

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Sitting on a winning team?

By Tom Watts

Shout about it!

Who you are is so much more important than your idea. 68 more words


Buying a stock is about more than just the price.

Vintage Coca Cola ad

“It’s far better to buy a wonderful company at a fair price than a fair company at a wonderful price.”

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