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How to release the Currency Controls in Iceland

For those of us living in Iceland, the notion of living in a currency control regime that was instituted in Iceland after the financial collapse in 2008 is draconian. 635 more words


Permission less Innovation

It is painful to watch the obvious play out in the US. I don’t know if you have been seeing what is happening with legislation and regulations around all the… 414 more words


Where is the value in Bitcoins?

So I am getting obsessed with Bitcoins now! I met with an Entrepreneur in Iceland, well he is a Computer Science Student and is more obsessed with Bitcoins than I am. 544 more words


Bitcoins and Iceland

I had a Twitter debate and discussion with Chris Dixon about Bitcoins in Iceland. I have to say I was rather disappointed by the lack of vision on the part of a… 592 more words


Investing in people and teams

I have been meeting a lot of people about my new project, the feedback has been extremely positive. What is key in this new project is the fact that we are going to… 712 more words