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New Ways to Go- Private Investment in Cycling

A systematic process for calculating and comparing gains (benefits) and costs of projects, decisions and policies is the Cost-Benefit Analysis (CBA), which is used world-wide and is the official assessment tool for investments financed by EU funds, in order: 1,075 more words

New York City - Facing its greatest risk - but everyone's still in denial

New York City, with a population fast approaching 9 million and vast cultural, historical, and financial resources, is fast approaching the danger zone for climate change. 528 more words


What if the Swiss vote to "save our gold"?

  • This weekend the Swiss public will probably reject a proposal to force the Swiss National Bank (SNB) to increase its gold holdings. Nonetheless, a surprise “yes” would provide a significant boost to the gold price and might also undermine the SNB’s efforts to limit the strength of the franc against the euro.
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Where others fear to tread The controversial BOND strategy of a bargain-hunting bond trader. Returns are due solely to macroeconomic insight.

The best time to invest was “the point of maximum pessimism”

Since 2010, he has been investing enthusiastically in Ukrainian government debt, and now owns $8.8 billion of the country’s $16 billion of international bonds… 281 more words

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‘Smart Beta’: Bridging Active Vs. Passive and managing risk via volatility

Institutional investors have used alternative weighting and factor-driven strategies since the 1970s, though no one called them “smart beta” back then. Now that the term has become mainstream, nonmarket-cap-weighted ETFs have gained steam. 198 more words

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Presentation of Juncker's Investment Plan: Can 315 billion euros save the EU?

Jean Claude Junker, the president of the European Commission (EC), announced details of his 315 billion euros promising investment plan two days ago in Strasbourg. This three year project will use money from EU institutions in order to create a fund that will motivate investors to bring back their money in Europe and increase… 517 more words


S&P500 Drawdown Recovery Profile

I wanted to do a little analysis on the drawdown and recovery period on the S&P500 I would like to do this over even more data than the past 65yrs. 158 more words