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ASC sanctions Neil Alan Lymer, Tri-Corp Canada Investments Inc. and 1351368 Alberta Ltd

News Release

ASC sanctions Neil Alan Lymer, Tri-Corp Canada Investments Inc. and 1351368 Alberta Ltd

CALGARY – The Alberta Securities Commission (ASC) has found that Neil Alan Lymer, 274 more words

House Flipping - FHA Waiver to Expire!

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House flipping is a term most of us have at least heard. 377 more words

Real Estate

9 unit multifamily property contract in Bellingham available

2622 – 2624 Birchwood Avenue, Bellingham WA 98225

$740,000 – 6.38% cap rate

Contact Melanie Menge today if you are interested.

This turn-key, 9-unit, 14 bedroom, 10 bathroom “complex” is divided into 3 structures: One house with 5 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, one duplex with 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom and one larger building with 7 bedrooms and 7 bathrooms. 465 more words

Investing in Diamonds

Successful marketing and hype have led diamonds to be a status symbol – a token of marriage or romance – something that a woman must receive from a man. 1,390 more words


Essential Steps to Raising Money for Your Startup

Below are 12 essentials steps on how to raise money for your startup. The key is to create prototype and go test your prototype. Continue redesigning and testing until you find a model that works. 51 more words

Former Seattle mayor urges divesting from fossil fuel

Sometimes the best measure of a movement’s momentum is the reaction of its critics. When, in early October, the Australian National University (ANU) announced that it would sell its shares in seven fossil-fuel and mining companies, it triggered a chorus of criticism from the country’s conservative politicians.

378 more words

The Art Of The Short Sale For Small Private Investors

What can small private investors due when the stock market reacts adversely to current economic conditions and begins to fall?  For some the only action to take is rub a good luck charm and pray a lot.  784 more words