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Divine Artifact-Fauxlight Stone

“What’s that there?” Rubble muttered as the sound of a clattering stone approached through the dark and his mean drew clubs and swords.

Suddenly, a blaring light filled the tunnel they walked. 391 more words



How quickly the fear of disconnection
creeps into the place where certainty lived.

When I am gone — no eyes on my eyes, no hand… 79 more words


Another day another issue

Hello, I wave to unseeing eyes.
Hello, I shout into deaf ears.
I grasp for hands that aren’t there, my insubstantial person falling through other people. 101 more words


I'm Not... Straight?

Casey, female, 21, United States.

It wasn’t until I broke up with my boyfriend that I realized I may not be entirely heterosexual.

I owe part of my self-discovery to the tumblr community. 338 more words

Pics or it didn’t happen*: mental health and visual practices

By Natalie Hendry (natalie.hendry@gmail.com)

In this post I outline some of my early thinking in relation to my PhD research project, which explores how young people experiencing mental illness understand wellbeing through technology. 3,537 more words


Feather: a beseeching, a prayer, a calling forth and an asking to be held up; for plants, most purely ferns, which come from invisibility and open and continue opening; for birds, a wing covering that when set into motion conjures up lift and flight. 24 more words



Ellen Homes lives life on the sidelines. Overweight and with a scar on her face, she not only feels invisible, but she sets up her life to reinforce that feeling. 252 more words

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