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the difference

the difference
invisibility and
is in how you
perceive it



Shortly after typing my thoughts and questions about leaping and if it’s worth it and all that stuff, I found my answer.

“Easy things are worthless.

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A couple of weeks back I was with a friend and we commented that we seldom, if ever, got the second look anymore. The second look, should it need to be defined, is exactly that: the look given after the first passing glance; the look—more often than not from the opposite sex—that seeks more information without overtly asking for it. 448 more words

A Lesson In Compassion

The other day I was at a departmental happy hour, and found myself standing around in a group of folks from my department who were talking about gendered styles of pants. 836 more words

These Cloaks Will Help Shield You From Unfriendly Eyes

No way, you know the invisibility spell? I’ll trade you for the popularity spell.” ~ Wizards of Waverly Place

One time at youth group I was in my small group, and somehow the conversation magically switched to invisibility. 399 more words

My Musings

Feedback? I'll Give You Feedback!

Today I saw a call out on twitter from a company called Source Bottle. They put people in touch with other people who then publish the other people’s stories in their magazines and blogs. 668 more words