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Wake-Up Call

Whether you experience chronic pain or not, I think it’s important to remember to take care of yourself.  This year has been a really difficult one for me, and I think I forgot somewhere along the way… 231 more words

Invisible Disease

Survival Mode

I made it to the doctor yesterday, despite being in horrible pain.  My migraine continued to get worse and worse throughout the day.  At one point, I shouted, “I HATE MY LIFE!”  … even though I really enjoy my life, just not when it hurts this much. 178 more words

Invisible Disease


Something to remember: The Emergency Room is busy, extremely loud, and not a conducive environment for getting rid of a migraine.  The pain meds are helpful in the moment, but then I come home and the next morning, another migraine beast attacks.  81 more words

Invisible Disease

Trip to the ER

I just checked into the emergency room for a 5 day migraine. I’ve been up since 4 am with it. I can barely keep my eyes open. 274 more words

Invisible Disease

First Post

This is my first post for my Kelly Alive blog. Why did I decide to share my life with the world? Well, there are many reasons. 146 more words

Invisible Disease

Question for you all...

After being on prednisone for so many months, I noticed a spot near the top of my hair line that seemed to be thinning out. It is worse on the left side than the right. 16 more words

living with the invisible diagnosis

I have waited a long time to write about this. The reasons for that wait will probably become clear as I write. In part, it is because I have never (and still do not) feel as if I can articulate the issue as clearly as I would want. 713 more words