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Invisible Disease Friday

I really needed a day off.

As each day went on, I had been getting more and more worn out, more and more unable to get up when laying down, more and more exhausted. 532 more words

The Sooner, The Better

After being on a good low-pain streak, I started to feel the Migraine beast emerge yesterday.  The (metaphorical) ice pick that was attacking my right eye became sharper, more intense, and more frequent.  193 more words

Failure? Or Success?

When it comes to migraines, there is still so much mystery!

All of my tests this year–tons of blood work and a CT scan–have come back as “normal.” 184 more words

Hammer Time

Life is full of the unexpected.  Every day I wake up in the morning and see how I feel.  I try to stretch and release any tension I have.  225 more words

Sharing is Caring

Migraines. Depression. Anxiety. Insomnia. Invisible illnesses. It helps to talk about the struggles and know that others understand.



I’m in a free fall and I don’t know where I’m going to land.

Have you ever felt lost?

I’m a ship with no anchor, adrift in a lonely sea. 249 more words