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Rough day

Rough day. Rough evening.

Crohnie tummy started acting up right after lunch. The pain at times was excruciating. I had to go home and work the rest of the day from home. 277 more words


Communication and Culture

I haven’t been taking as many pictures this last year and recently I started pondering why. I started this blog to show people through pictures how I see the word differently. 1,023 more words


Newspaper headline screams schizophrenia

I opened my newspaper and saw the following headline sceaming at me – Schizophrenia in two state solution. Until then, I’d always thought that the place for an article on schizophrenia was in the Health section of a newspaper and not when reporting a political debate. 254 more words


Down day

It’s a gorgeous sunny hot late August day. I should be at the cottage. I should be in a bikini kayaking on the lake.

I’m home, resting. 450 more words


After Tragedy Strikes

Have you ever wondered what you should do or how you ought to behave when visiting a relative or friend who has experienced tragedy in his/her family? 154 more words


Schizophrenia and then Alzheimer's

Although schizophrenia and Alzheimer’s are very different, while living through schizophrenia and Alzheimer’s, I had to learn that it was not what happened to me that counted, but, how I dealt with each one of them. 257 more words


A Safe Haven 4 Mothers

This blog is dedicated to mothers in particular. it’s a place to share our problems when there is illness in the family – mental illness in particular. 304 more words