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Ralph Aldo Emerson said; Sanity is very rare. Every man and almost every woman has a dash of madness

Today, most people with a mental illness are out in the community and the scandals reported in the press are no longer about the bad treatment they receive in psychiatric hospitals but about attacks by them. 686 more words


Waking up with pain as your bedfellow

‘Mental Illness fills┬ámy brain. It takes over completely .There is no escape. The voices! Oh the voices! If you could live in my mind for just one day, y… 170 more words

Mental Health Resources

Invisible illnesses: what is their narrative?

I was having a conversation with a dear friend (Valentine Oggan) and we asked the question:

Invisible Illnesses, why do people have problems with them? 488 more words


5 Things I also want you to know about my life with an auto-immune disease called Crohn's Disease

I read an article yesterday and would highly recommend all my friends and family read it, whether you have Crohn’s or not. This woman is bang on…well, bang on about the ‘5 Things I Want Everyone In My Life to Know About My Autoimmune Disorder’ except of course, her reference at the very bottom to ‘IBS/Chrones’. 192 more words


Seeking swift relief

I’ve always loved the rain. I find it relaxing. It makes everything feels so cozy, like all you want to do is stay in, cuddling the one you love or feeling no guilt that you’ve decided to stay in pyjamas all day long, hiding under the covers of your bed, reading the latest page turner. 290 more words




The SHOOTING that shattered the University of Santa Barbara

Three University students at Santa Barbara were the first victims of the killing that started suddenly one Friday night. 488 more words