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After Tragedy Strikes

Have you ever wondered what you should do or how you ought to behave when visiting a relative or friend who has experienced tragedy in his/her family? 154 more words


Schizophrenia and then Alzheimer's

Although schizophrenia and Alzheimer’s are very different, while living through schizophrenia and Alzheimer’s, I had to learn that it was not what happened to me that counted, but, how I dealt with each one of them. 257 more words


A Safe Haven 4 Mothers

This blog is dedicated to mothers in particular. it’s a place to share our problems when there is illness in the family – mental illness in particular. 304 more words


The Jekyll and Hyde dance of chronic illness

When you have an auto-immune chronic illness, you have to be ready for anything to happen or ‘go wrong’. The trick is not to panic, and remember that ‘this too shall pass’…at some point, you hope, God willing…. 762 more words


Self Stigma

People with a mental illness put up with a lot more than their illness. Stigma contributes a major stress that they can do without. My late son often said; “Stigma and prejudice  are as distressing as my schizophrenia.” Stigma involves inaccurate and hurtful representations portraying  them as comical, violent, or incompetent, dehumanizing them and making them an object of ridicule. 122 more words


Coming to grips

There are many people that are affected in some way by invisible illnesses, directly or indirectly. I know quite a few people who have different invisible illnesses and don’t APPEAR to be “sick”. 351 more words

Idiopathic Hypersomnia