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Surrogacy update: results

Did you know that invitro fertilization is only about 40% effective in the best circumstances? That’s about a 60% potential for failure, even if you have the best possible chances for success. 812 more words

Gestational Carrier

21 weeks

21 weeks has rapidly approached. According to WTE (What to Expect), a single baby would be the size of a banana right about now. Not sure what that means for twins, but considering how gigantic my belly has gotten in the last 3 weeks, I am assuming they are BOTH the size of bananas right now (haha). 285 more words

Gestational Surrogacy

My RE left Me!

It’s a surprise that we decided to continue our journey from the beginning. In August 2009, we decided to go for the big guns and start our IVF process. 388 more words


Things Are Happening

I am almost 17 weeks! This is so crazy. It is flying by. I just want to give a quick update in how I am feeling/how everything is going. 178 more words

Gestational Surrogacy

fertility "elevator pitch"

For young women, a breast cancer diagnosis often goes hand-in-hand with fertility questions.  Not only are you having to grapple with having a life threatening illness, process large quantities of information and make decisions regarding treatment, but layered across the top, like the frothy foam on your morning cappuccino, there are the ongoing questions regarding fertility. 393 more words

Breast Cancer