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fertility "elevator pitch"

For young women, a breast cancer diagnosis often goes hand-in-hand with fertility questions.  Not only are you having to grapple with having a life threatening illness, process large quantities of information and make decisions regarding treatment, but layered across the top, like the frothy foam on your morning cappuccino, there are the ongoing questions regarding fertility. 393 more words

Breast Cancer

Bah. Humbug.

-Late Fall 2013-

The hurry up and wait mantra that is my life needs to take a hike. Like seriously, have we not waited enough? 1,545 more words

Daily Health Tips: What Are My Options After Ectopic Pregnancy And Failed IVF?

Q: Good morning Doctor and Happy New Month. Please advice a woman that lost both fallopian tubes due to ectopic pregnancy and just had a failed IVF. 572 more words