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Beyond "fake invoice" scams - crooks can get money out of real invoices, too!

Here’s a scam.

I email you and tell you that I work for X, one of your suppliers.

X just switched banks, so you should update your database so that future payments no longer go to account Y at bank Z. 783 more words


The Five Year Old Who Was Invoiced For Failing To Attend His Classmate's Birthday Party

Enough of this, pussy footing around, I’m declaring an undeclared war on political correctness. Yeah, I know it sounds like a contradiction. But, if I’m not prepared to put up my dooks, and fight against this crass piece of insidiousness, no one else will. 1,008 more words

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ETIQUETTE ALERT: When Your 5-Year Old Is Invoiced, Scarlet Says...

So, how would you handle a situation where your 5-year old was sent an invoice for skipping their classmate’s birthday party? Well, this really happened in the UK… 345 more words


Kid Gets Invoice For Being A No-Show At Birthday Party

Alex Nash, a 5-year old child in England, missed a classmate’s birthday party to attend a family event. Alex’s parents said they would have contacted the parents throwing the birthday party, but school was on break and they didn’t have a way to tell anyone that Alex wouldn’t make the party. 60 more words



Imagine this… Your 5 year old is invited to a classmate’s birthday party, but is a no show after you RSVPd. No biggie, just get the birthday boy a gift and all is well, right? 508 more words


What class of Arrogant describes Mommy?

A five-year-old was billed for failing to attend a friend’s birthday party – resulting in threats of legal action.

Alex Nash, from Cornwall, was invited to the party just before Christmas.

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Kids Birthdays: You Gotta Fight for Your Right to Parrrrrrrty

I am loving the story that’s going viral about the kid who RSVP’d to the birthday party but then didn’t show, so the mother of the birthday boy sent the parents an invoice stating he owed $25. 845 more words