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Late payments? Jog on. We are getting paid on time!

We all want to get paid for the work we do. Yet many small businesses and freelancers are very much prepared to wait days, weeks and in some cases months before they see their cash. 443 more words


Invoicing Turned into Art by Invoice Home Radical Invoice Template Styles Tool

The recently launched Invoice Home is transforming for the better how freelancers and small business people invoice their clients, with over 100 free invoice templates complete with easy to use payments.

Taxes, Payroll, and Insurance Management For Caregivers & Careseekers

Whether you are a careseeker or caregiver, it’s important to stay on top of things when it comes to payroll, insurance, and tax obligations.

If You Are a Careseeker… 461 more words


Viewpost goes to U.S. Bank not for a loan -- but for business for its invoicing network

Invoicing and payment platform Viewpost is announcing a partnership with U.S. Bank today to get its free software in front of more small- and medium-sized businesses. 365 more words


The seasons of Web Development - it's crunch time

Year after year I’ve seen Web Development Businesses struggle during the holidays. You are probably thinking, “what are you talking about Wes, we are slammed with a ton of work!” You might be, but because your head is buried in your work, you are missing something that’s right in front of you. 951 more words

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In a conversation with my mother earlier, I mentioned that when I think about everything I have to do tomorrow, I feel overwhelmed.

She said I’ll get over it. 256 more words

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#PAIDONTIME. Never be afraid to check your bank balance again!

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Are you worried about being paid on time? Getting tired of having to chase up late payments month after month? Dreading the holidays because of your financial insecurity? 389 more words