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Last week, in India we celebrated the Birthday of Lord Ganesh, the elephant God. This particular deity has always been very special for me for various reasons, primarily because of his looks, He is the wise one, whose head is that of an elephant and the rest of his body is that of a human. 757 more words

Humanistic Halos

JavaScript: The Event Loop

JavaScript is event based, meaning everything that happens within a browser window/tab is the result of an event occurring and code responding to that event. There are hundreds of potential events that may need to be responded to throughout the life-cycle of an HTML page. 430 more words


2.5 days

it wasn’t my intent for this to happen but i haven’t uttered a single word to anyone, going on 2-1/2 days. it’s really strange… these accidental hermetic days. 108 more words

First Blog !!

Here you go , First of All Greetings to all people here on WordPress. By Signing up here.I am thrilled to learn from across the globe and pledge to put in my contribution for the forum by sharing my learnings and experiences with everyone on the internet world. 68 more words

Chosen One

Developer Tip: Debugging Headless Apps for BlackBerry 10.3

Since the introduction of headless apps in BlackBerry OS 10.2.0, many of our fellow developers have built fantastic apps that run in the background. Thank you. 252 more words

Native SDK Development

evoke or invoke?

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As writers, we often seek to evoke (verb) some response in our readers. The definition of evoke, according to Merriam-Webster’s Online Dictionary, is to “call forth or up” (conjure); to “cite especially with approval or for support” (invoke); to “bring to mind or recollection” and to “re-create imaginatively.” 287 more words

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Say Hello to Phone API 10.3

With the launch of the 10.3 Gold SDK, I am very excited to announce several improvements to our Phone APIs. With user’s direct permission, these APIs will provide better control over a phone call, access to call logs, and access to the phone audio channel for call recording. 314 more words

Native SDK Development