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Words like ash and smoke rise from candles lighting a dark room. The room: my mind — the candle light: these (ephemeral) thoughts I cannot avoid. 409 more words


July 18, 2014


(Number 565)

To grow up, you must grow out. Otherwise, you grow in, which makes you grow afraid.


The American Mindset


I’m waiting for something. I don’t know what. There’s a lot of options — impossible to choose.

A reconciliation. A break-through. A change of heart. A glimmer of hope. 174 more words


Desperate from deletion

I wrote a post called “And this, from a calm mind.”
An attempt to process in a positive light. With a smiling mind. In a lotus position sitting on the floor of my heart listening to contained thunderstorms. 268 more words


Venice, Italy and other memories

Waves crash white against the beach, but in the bay it’s a slow and steady rippling effect delaying the wearing away of the shore, stealing away inevitable crashing for barely stripping down. 633 more words



Can hardly mince words together. Like mincing garlic, chopping hearts of onions. I keep trying, keep going blurry blind. Like personalities don’t parse the madness; tears don’t purge the washed-outed-ness. 240 more words