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InWorldz as My Home - Why?

I have been thinking a lot lately about virtual worlds, immersion, the effort we put into them and the attachments we form. I decided to write about why I chose… 2,112 more words



Yesterday I decided to do a little exploring to see what I could find in this new world… 14 Regions in 2wks, that is pretty good IMHO… 45 more words


A Thriving Community!

A few weeks ago, tired of all the Drama on the Forums, I decided to stop posting to any of the discussion threads. A few things had sickened me… 1stly that idiotic Nazi debate in which some residents even went so far as to form a petition, shortly after that I watched, again disgusted, as a Long term resident, was lambasted for trying to create an informational Blog. 366 more words


Comfy Sofa

New Colour Changing Comfy Sofa with 2 cushion animated sits + MLP for singles & Couples + Book dispenser


Getting Full...

I logged in today to find the Mall Full…. Rose has put up a smaller Mall in the sky

New Merchants roll out at Cherry Creek Mall… 56 more words