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Thanks, Kane

*Author’s Note: Contrarian opinion time! I consider Kane and Lynch 2: Dog Days  one of the best shooters of the last generation. I touch on its appeal a bit, but I won’t defend its quality here. 2,004 more words


Hitman: Absolution

I love the Hitman franchise and I finally managed to buy Hitman Absolution the latest in the franchise, not including Hitman Go because that’s a mobile game and I don’t consider them to be real games. 522 more words


Mental Diarrhea #00002 - Hitman, Mirror's Edge, death of culture etc etc

So Hitman: Absolution was a wet pile of shit. It abandoned a model the series had followed for years, threw a bunch of established lore, characterisation and features out the window marked ‘Retcon’ and caused a lot of lost faith in IO, who seemed hell-bent on turning their most prized IP into Kane and fucking Lynch. 737 more words

Next-gen Hitman game gets concept art

IO Interactive explain the level and confirm the game will not be at E3.

It has been two years since Hitman: Absolution and fans of the assassin have been eagerly awaiting news about the next-gen sequel. 285 more words

Gaming News

The Next 'Hitman' Gets First Concept Art, Won't Be at E3

In a second open-letter posted on its official blog, developer IO Interactive has released the first concept art for the next entry in the… 254 more words


No Hitman At E3 This Year, But The New Game Will Have A Building Larger Than Any Location In Hitman Absolution

In an open letter to to their fans IO Interactive have stated that they will not be showing off their new Hitman game at E3 this year, choosing instead to wait until they feel its ready to be unveiled, which I commend them for in an age where titles are often announced long before they’re ready to be. 231 more words


Playstation 4 News: No E3 moment for 'Hitman' but IOI Share Concept Art

The above concept art for the next ‘Hitman’ game from IOI which was posted on the official Hitman Game website today following the reveal that the game will not be shown at this year’s E3 show in just a couple of weeks. 398 more words