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Thanks, Kane

*Author’s Note: Contrarian opinion time! I consider Kane and Lynch 2: Dog Days  one of the best shooters of the last generation. I touch on its appeal a bit, but I won’t defend its quality here. 2,004 more words


Hitman: Absolution

I love the Hitman franchise and I finally managed to buy Hitman Absolution the latest in the franchise, not including Hitman Go because that’s a mobile game and I don’t consider them to be real games. 522 more words


Mental Diarrhea #00002 - Hitman, Mirror's Edge, death of culture etc etc

So Hitman: Absolution was a wet pile of shit. It abandoned a model the series had followed for years, threw a bunch of established lore, characterisation and features out the window marked ‘Retcon’ and caused a lot of lost faith in IO, who seemed hell-bent on turning their most prized IP into Kane and fucking Lynch. 737 more words

Next-gen Hitman game gets concept art

IO Interactive explain the level and confirm the game will not be at E3.

It has been two years since Hitman: Absolution and fans of the assassin have been eagerly awaiting news about the next-gen sequel. 285 more words

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