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Does Flash make everything in VMware Better?

Bacon makes everything taste better – at least for a lot of folks. At VMworld we met up with Micron, the flash manufacturers who are calling themselves “VMware’s bacon”. 540 more words


IOPS ve Latency Bölüm 2

Şimdi gelelim 1 Milyon IOPS yapabilen depolama cihazına:

Birinci parametre: Verinin rasgele veya ardışık olması

Sıralı işlem, rastgele işleme göre daha hızlıdır: Diskin bir bloğu okuması veya yazması için geçen sürenin en büyük yüzdesi, disk kafasının bu bloğu bulup üzerinde konumlanması için geçen süredir. 122 more words


OCZ’s Enterprise SATA SSDs deliver consistently better performance

Flash is replacing hard disk drives (HDDs) in more and more environments, and not just as boot drives for PCs and laptops. Enterprises are turning to a new class of high performance SATA-based drive form-factor SSDs to accelerate databases, push high-transaction processing applications and improve virtual server performance. 435 more words


IaaS IOPs Test - Azure Vs. AWS

I was curious recently about comparing disk IOPs between AWS and Microsoft Azure for IaaS Virtual Machines and the one thing that really surprised me was how much control and configurability you had when tuning and configuring disks. 581 more words

Amazon Web Services

Trees, Forests and the Future

Today’s news: widespread war, generalized austerity, global warming, energy depletion, cyber snooping, drones…

Today’s response: many commentators and protestors making a compelling, convincing, comprehensive case, in words and deeds, for getting beyond the trees of the details to the forest of the causes. 82 more words


How to meet the expectations of a VDI Project

VDI can be one of the toughest projects an IT organization has to implement, due in a large part to the expectations of the groups involved. 576 more words


Why is DataGravity Such a Big Deal?

Good Post by Stephen Foskett (thank you)

DataGravity just released their embargo and my little techie corner of the Internet is on fire. There’s a very good reason for that, but it might not be obvious at a glance. 31 more words