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Flash Performance vs Flash Features

Recently, Robin Harris over at Storage Mojo made a statement that caused a stir with both users and the industry. My summation of his column and… 719 more words


Diving deeper into the latest XenDesktop 7.5 IOPS results

As you saw in a previous blog, XenDesktop 7.5 is able to achieve an average IOPS value of less than 1/10th per user. Of course when you put out unbelievable results like this you hear a lot of comments trying to find holes in the results or test procedures. 251 more words


Latest XenDesktop 7.5 IOPS

It is amazing when you’ve been focused on a technology for so long that you start to see major improvements. In 2010, I provided my… 268 more words

Converged Architecture for the rest of us?

A converged architecture looks good on the whiteboard, with all your services (compute, network, storage) running on a single layer within the data center. But like many technologies, the transition from whiteboard to actual implementation and operation is much more difficult than advertised. 769 more words

Virtual Machine

Your next storage tier? Your volatile memory

Post by Luca Dell’Oca (thank you)

In a previous post, I talked about the evolution of the Flash memory market, and how some software solutions are starting to change the way we consume storage. 66 more words


Fun with Linux UDEV and ASM: Using UDEV to create ASM disk volumes

Because of the many discussions and confusion around the topic of partitioning, disk alignment and it’s brother issue, ASM disk management, hereby an explanation on how to use UDEV, and as an extra, I present a tool that manages some of this stuff for you. 4,420 more words