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IOPS ve Latency Bölüm 5

Serinin 5nci makalesinde

Aşağıdaki üç resimde iops ve latency arasındaki bağlantıyı görebilirsiniz. Her üç resim de HP’nin 3PAR depolama sunucularını konfigüre etmek için kullanılan Ninja aracından alınmıştır. 195 more words


ControlUp 4.0 – New Citrix XenServer / VMware vSphere Support and Enhanced IOPS Troubleshooting

ControlUp recently added support for Citrix XenServer and VMware vSphere and now allows full management and visibility of the physical hosts running the virtual Citrix environment. 215 more words


SolidFire lowers Entry Point for Cloud-scale, All-flash Arrays

SolidFire is the all-flash array manufacturer that came to market with a scale-out storage system tailored for large-scale multi-tenant environments. These systems offered guaranteed performance, high availability, automated management and a strong efficiency story, based on the advantages that all-flash had over spinning disk arrays. 574 more words


ESG Lab Spotlight Report: Up to 80% Reduction in Storage Cost for VDI and RDS

You’ve heard the news, you’ve seen the videos, and now the storage savings have been verified! According to an ESG report, the new RAM Cache with Disk Overflow… 313 more words


Should you be able to turn All-Flash Deduplication off?

Deduplication, along with compression, provides the ability to more efficiently use premium priced flash capacity. But capacity efficiency comes with at least some performance impact. This is especially true on all-flash arrays where data efficiency features can’t hide behind hard disk drive latency. 829 more words


What is the total cost of Storage testing?

Welcome to the new world of storage technology evaluation.

IT planners are being overwhelmed with new storage solutions to help them solve old problems. Most of these solutions leverage flash memory to help them address challenges like randomized I/O, scale and overall response time. 1,648 more words


Google's solid state disk storage now out in open beta for Compute Engine users

Google said today that the persistent high IOPS solid state disk storage it showed off in June is now available in open beta. Compute Engine users can now try out SSD storage to help speed up data-processing applications as well as their webscale apps that are reliant on big databases. 283 more words