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部落冲突 (Clash of Clans)

部 落冲突(Clash of Clans) 是一款将战略规划和快节奏对战融为一体的令人上瘾的游戏。组建一支由野蛮人、法师、飞龙和其他神力战士组成的军队。您可以加入一个部落,在部落中凭借军功 获得晋升;您也可以创建自己的部落,确立您至高无上的王权。将哥布林小偷赶走只是成功的第一步,您的任务永无止境,直到您的部落从数百万玩家中脱颖而出, 独霸天下!

= 特色 =
– 免费
– 将您的村庄建成固若金汤的城堡
– 向世界各国的玩家开战,并夺取他们那象征无尚荣光的奖杯
– 与好友一起组建部落,结下牢不可破的兄弟情谊
– 在史诗级“部落战争”中与敌对部落作战
– 可多次升级的 15 个各具特色的兵种
– 用加农炮、弓箭塔、迫击炮、炸弹、陷阱和城墙守卫您的村庄 6 more words

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Apple adding ability to track what you do inside retail apps to serve targeted advertising

Apple is reportedly adding the ability to track what users do inside certain apps in order to present them with targeted in-app ads across iOS devices, reports digital media site  320 more words

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Peacekeeper: An Alternative to Calling the Police

Would you use this app? -LW

Connect with neighbors for a less militant response during times of need.

As difficult as it may be to acknowledge, the unfortunate truth is that we are in a place today where domestic police brutality has taken a dramatic toll on innocent lives. 939 more words

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PSA: you may be overpaying for bundled iOS apps/games

Apple began allowing developers to sell discounted bundles of their apps/games alongside the release of iOS 8. At face value, these bundles are a great way to save on a bunch of apps, but the numbers get a bit hazy (and less favorable) when you already have one or more of the bundled titles and are offered ‘Complete My Bundle’ pricing… 262 more words


UK iPhone ads, HDR video, Smart Lock, Monsense, Figibox

UK iPhone 6 ad features Chris O’Dowd and Richard Ayoade of The IT Crowd — Along with the release of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus came a pair of ads featuring Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon, in America. 286 more words

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Is This The World's Smartest Business Card?

I recently read an article that showcased 30 of the most creative business cards ever. The piece on boredpanda.com opened by stating that “A good business card definitely won’t ensure your success but it sure can help”; it then paraded images of the 30… 1,159 more words

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LANDESK bring new mobile security possibilities to enterprise apps with latest update

London, UK, October 11, 2014: LANDESK, a global player in delivering user-oriented IT solutions that solve systems, assets, security, mobility and IT service management challenges, today announced the release of new features and upgrades to its Enterprise Mobility Management platform, including…