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@exjon finds a new gig for State Department's Marie Harf [Photoshop]

State Department deputy spokesperson Marie Harf surprised at least one reporter today when she announced that “this is not about ISIL versus the United States.” What isn’t about ISIL versus the United States? 286 more words

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If you think Rick Perry's mugshot is awesome, you are about to see it improved by Iowahawk

Yep. As Twitchy reported, Gov. Rick Perry’s mugshot was a winner.

Love it, @GovernorPerry! RT @TwitchyTeam: 'Like a boss,' 'He nailed it': Even Gov.

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Warmonger Elizabeth Warren Supports Obama's Air Strikes in Iraq

I’m sure Senator Warren would be just as supportive if the president was someone other than Obama.

I can’t wait to hear what the folks at… 176 more words


Is Anyone Else Worried About Bringing Ebola Into The Country?

I’m torn on this issue.

On one hand, the two people are American missionaries who were working with Ebola victims in Africa.

On the other hand, my understanding is that Ebola has never existed within US borders. 190 more words


Iowahawk snark-slams @BarackObama's marital advice with desperate request

@BarackObama, the Twitter handle operated by Organizing for Action, wants people who are about to get married to remember to check out their Obamacare options (or… 67 more words

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'Love it!' How is Washington DC like Comic Con? Iowahawk sums it up and it's perfect

Iowahawk has the Comic Con-related answer!

Washington is Comic Con for people who like to dress up and cosplay as mentally competent.—
David Burge (@iowahawkblog) …

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Comedy gold: Iowahawk wants to be Obama's wacky neighbor

Comedy gold.

Shut up and take my money MT @iowahawkblog: Thinking about a Kickstarter to buy a house to be the Obamas' wacky next door neighbor.— …

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