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Iowahawk snark-slams @BarackObama's marital advice with desperate request

@BarackObama, the Twitter handle operated by Organizing for Action, wants people who are about to get married to remember to check out their Obamacare options (or… 67 more words

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'Love it!' How is Washington DC like Comic Con? Iowahawk sums it up and it's perfect

Iowahawk has the Comic Con-related answer!

Washington is Comic Con for people who like to dress up and cosplay as mentally competent.—
David Burge (@iowahawkblog) …

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Comedy gold: Iowahawk wants to be Obama's wacky neighbor

Comedy gold.

Shut up and take my money MT @iowahawkblog: Thinking about a Kickstarter to buy a house to be the Obamas' wacky next door neighbor.— …

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Liberal States of Maryland and Connecticut Refuse to Take Illegal Immigrants

Liberals are the first ones to insist that America throw open its borders to the thousands of people who are surging into the country but in typical form, they want someone else to handle the problem. 254 more words


Perfect: Iowahawk finds a 'great place to send all those unfortunate border kids' [pic]

During a recent visit to the border, Nancy Pelosi said she wished she could take all the children home with her.

Attempting to help make Pelosi’s wish come true, Iowahawk found a great spot: 58 more words

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Iowahawk's 'winning platform'! How to restore trust in the IRS? Here's a 'genius' idea

Who doesn’t?!

@iowahawkblog @zozopotamus Genius, once again!—
Gil DeStefano (@Gdestefano95) June 25, 2014

What was the 200 points-worthy genius? Oh, just this:

How to restore public trust in the IRS:

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