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Shocker: Obama's Presidential Library To Be Financed With Public Funds

Not to worry, Illinois isn’t totally broke or anything. /sarc

Andrew Malcolm of Investor’s Business Daily…

Illinois Dems plan to offer $100 million in taxpayer money to lure Obama library site…

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Matters Hillary

-This womyn is about to become a Grandmother:

Poor kid.

But I wish the child and Mother well and hope that Chelsea’s pregnancy is untroubled. 472 more words

Stacy McCain

'What a joke': Iowahawk puts referral of Lois Lerner case to DOJ into dizzying nutshell

In 2012, the U.S. House of Representatives found Attorney General Eric Holder in contempt of Congress. With that bit of history in mind, Iowahawk spelled out the situation after a House committee… 131 more words

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'Nailed it': Who will think of OFA interns on Equal Pay Day? Jonah Goldberg will!

Iowahawk made that giggle-worthy point in response to the ludicrous White House Equal Pay Day spin.

@iowahawkblog Nailed It!!!—
The Desert Rat (@Dave_Taft) …

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Howard Stern Wants Greg Gutfeld To Replace David Letterman

I could totally get on board with this idea…

Howard Stern Says Greg Gutfeld Great Replacement for Departing David Letterman

Howard Stern has made no secret of his affection for Greg Gutfeld.

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No, Really...The Past Five Years Are Just A Big Joke You All Are Playing On Me...



Tip of the fedora to to Iowahawk…

It’s too late to save the ship, so let’s just light a final cigar and listen to the band play Nearer My God To Thee.

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Barack Hussein Obama

'Best tweet ever': Iowahawk slams Obama with revealing comparison

Iowahawk poses a thought-provoking question about the Obama administration.

How many friends and/or business associates do you have in federal prison? Compare your answer to the president of the United States.— …

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