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Early Photos of #Snowmageddon2015

This storm is getting a lot of hype so I felt obligated to do this exclusive photo report.

I just took a walk around the neighborhood and sure enough, it’s snowing. 28 more words


Obama Administration Sends Groovy 1970's Crooner to Soothe Nerves in France

Remember when Obama supporters called John McCain old and out of touch in 2008?

71 year old John Kerry just brought 66 year old James Taylor to France… 200 more words


'A president who believes in free speech doesn't': Iowahawk tees off on Obama's free speech hypocrisy

Iowahawk reminds us why any thought that the Obama administration is suddenly the guardian of free speech is nonsensical.

A president who believes in free speech doesn't apologize to foreign governments for videos made by his country's private citizens.

121 more words

Anjem Choudary explains divine toilet revelation; Iowahawk responds

Islamic nutjob Anjem Choudary explained how divine revelation dictates how we should go to the toilet.

All actions, including how we go to the toilet & clean ourselves & even in which direction we relieve ourselves, must be based on revelation…

164 more words
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Block party: Iowahawk denied higher consciousness, blocked by Deepak Chopra

Prolific tweeter Iowahawk was so close to achieving higher consciousness that Twitchy even dedicated an end-of-the-year post to compiling a year’s worth of his wisdom. Tragically, it looks as though he’ll never achieve that final transcendent state of higher consciousness, now that his mentor Deepak Chopra has blocked him on Twitter. 393 more words


10 issues Iowahawk hilariously summed up in 2014

Twitchy favorite David Burge (aka @Iowahawkblog) just has a knack for being pithy. There are few in the Twitterverse who can sum up an issue in 140 characters with equal wit and humor. 456 more words