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Why is the US PTO Hatin' on the Redskins'?

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office recently decided to rescind the Washington Redskins’ federal trademark protection. This decision could force the historic Washington Redskins’ football franchise to give up its name and associated brand value.  525 more words

How does IP help small companies grow?

Some companies think that investing in Intellectual Property isn’t right for them…. it’s something that the big boys do…  Wrong!  IP isn’t just for large companies with deep pockets.  143 more words


The US government actually stood up to a would-be corporate tax dodger

This summer, Richard Gonzalez, the CEO of US pharmaceutical maker AbbVie, said of his company’s plan to merge with UK-based Shire: “We wouldn’t be doing it just for the tax impact.” 350 more words

Tiffany Switzerland

Tiffany a Tulane graduate and current practitioner of architecture in Basel, Switzerland gave a generous guide to the country’s cultural, political and architectural backgrounds. Coming from the south (New Orleans) Tiffany attempts to synthesize her heritage with that of the Swiss in her current practice. 584 more words

Tutorial - Static IP address for your Raspberry Pi

Using a static IP have many advantages, especially if you plan to use your Raspberrry Pi for network usage (media center, server, etc.). If you use your Raspbery Pi a a server or a torrent client, you will most likely encounter the need to use a static IP. 21 more words


Quality of Service (QoS)

Latency is one important part of a larger issue in networking that is sometimes called quality of service or QoS. The inherent nature of most networking technologies is that they are more concerned with pumping data from one place to another as fast as possible than they are with how the data is sent. 524 more words


¿Como conseguir un dominio "GRATIS" ?

Para comenzar a crear una página web necesitaremos tener un nombre para darle a nuestra página. El nombre en internet se llama dominio. Algunas veces, cuando queremos comenzar a crear una página web, no solemos contar con recursos económicos y es por esto que te voy a enseñar cómo conseguir un dominio gratis para que comiences a crear tu proyecto. 236 more words