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Burn BC Admits Defeat In Battle For Public Domain

The epic fight between Burners in Canada and the corporate conglomerate of Decommodifcation LLC, the Burning Man Project, and Black Rock City LLC (together trading as “Burning Man”) is over. 523 more words


EDM: Drop

As part of me altering my current piece I began to listen through and match this up with an Avicii track. I heard that my structure was slightly off and what should have been “the drop” turns out to be a chorus on my track. 57 more words


EDM Track 5 attempt 2

This is a sound clip of the chorus of my final track in my EP. At the moment it doesn’t fit the style and requires a lot of work to help it match the style and themes that I am going to base it on. 47 more words


Great article about which Logic X Plugins I should be using.

I have found an article that has listed some of the default plugins in Logic that everybody should be using. Items such as the correlation meter is something that I had overlooked and as a result will allow me to identify phasing issues when I am not using the universities genelec sets. 42 more words


#en3177 Assignment: Intellectual Property and Creative Commons

Intellectual Property (IP) refers to any product of the mind, including images, designs, art, or literature. IP is protected by law and is meant to ensure that people receive recognition and any financial returns as a result of their creations.This protection is ensured by patents, copyrights, and trademarks, which cover everything from a corporation’s logo to a sculpture. 93 more words


Now Would be the Perfect Time for a Star Trek Game

I had never seen an episode of Star Trek (fully) until after Christmas 2014. For the christmas just gone I received the two recent movies (2009’s… 798 more words


Change IP of vCSA

While changing the IP address of my vCenter Server is not something I’ve ever had to do before that changed this week. In my quest to separate networks into more logical groupings instead of everything living on the same subnet I had to change the IP address of my vCenter Server Appliance to place it on a new network along with the hosts it was managing. 266 more words