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Hey everyone, so my brother and I got a minecraft server, and we would like more people on there…


King Resolves Trademark Disputes With Two Independent Developers

Candy Crush Saga maker King has resolved its trademark disputes with the developers of two independent games, The Banner Saga and CandySwipe.

The mobile gaming giant had initially opposed… 227 more words


Drupal 7: How to get user's IP or hostname ?

In Drupal 7 how to find out any guest user or registered user’s IP address or hostname?

The answer is we can use session_id() which is stored in the ‘session’ table in the D7. 39 more words


BladeMC - My Minecraft Server

BladeMC is a small Minecraft server that my friend, brother and I came together to make. After many days of work, we have finally managed to finish what we created with the help of many people.

OpenTV, Nagra Pile Another Patent Suit On Netflix As They Gear Up For Apple Fight

Online video services from the likes of Netflix and Apple may represent the future of the TV business because of their popularity with consumers intent on watching video on a variety of screens beyond the large console in the living room, but today OTT video is proving fertile ground for another kind of enterprise: IP litigation. 492 more words