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Portrait of a Mathematician and His Three-Dimensional Chessboard

An Army combat photographer during World War II, Yale Joel joined the staff at LIFE in 1947, where he made a name for himself as the guy whose great strength was the impossible or tricky shot using unusual (and often self-invented) equipment.  221 more words

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Richard Burton as Hamlet: Portrait of an 'Avenging Angel'

In 1993, John Loengard asked George Silk—a New Zealander who had been a staff photographer for LIFE from 1943 until the magazine stopped publishing as a weekly in 1972—if, in his long career, Silk had been “willing to pose pictures.” Silk’s reply is worth setting down here in full: 236 more words

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Let Us Now Praise a 'Pioneer of the Made-Up Picture'

The myth: All photographers, especially in times of crisis or conflict, strive to capture events as they happen—in the moment—in order to convey an accurate, unvarnished picture of those events to their contemporaries and to future generations. 358 more words

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Tom Hanks' Typewriter App Shoots To The Top Of The App Store

Tom Hanks’ name can do more than sell a movie, it seems. His recently launched, hipster-ish typewriter app for iPad, Hanx Writer, has now shot to the top of the iTunes App Store, ranking No. 629 more words


Behind the Picture: Noël Coward in the Desert

The greatest portraits of stars are often those that surprise us, or feature famous people in unexpected surroundings. A naked John Lennon hugging and kissing Yoko Ono… 470 more words

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Aboard a U.S. Coast Guard Cutter in World War II: Rare Photos

A few months ago, LIFE.com published a series of photos from World War II, taken by a Michigan native named Dale Rooks. The pictures were striking not only because the quality of the work was so uniformly high, but because they had come our way, unbidden but definitely welcomed, via Rooks’s son, Jan. 229 more words

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FM 2013 handheld: A.C.milan team and tactic

Yea, yea it’s my continuity that does not help on a wordpress blog :) but even if this blog seems abandoned, i’m still around!

It’s already two years that i’m working in UAE, in the Middle of liwa’s desert. 62 more words

Fm Handheld 2013