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Europe’s Greek Test -NYTimes

Here is Paul Krugman’s take on the Greece-Euro crisis:

“In the five years (!) that have passed since the euro crisis began, clear thinking has been in notably short supply. 72 more words

Thanks for the compliment. I have no idea...

Started back at work yesterday after a 5/12 week break and as you know I have been staying true to my ‘No Dieting Diet’ principles of not weighing myself for the duration. 314 more words


Syriza victory: Turning point for EU? -BBC

Analysis of the Syriza victory in Greece and what it means for the EU courtesy of the BBC:

“There are some things during the eurozone crisis that we were told would never happen. 67 more words

Vodka Banana Loaf with caramelised fruits

Adding another entry after a long break. Still wondering the reason for not updating the blog while cooking was still on in the kitchen. I baked this loaf for my brilliant friend, or sidekick or whatever is called these days, meeting after a year or so and she loved it. 305 more words

Toothsome Eats

Exercise Joy

This week I am going rollerskating.It’s part of my reconnecting with my body and the joy of movement. I’m not going to have my Fitbit or my Polar on. 148 more words


No Dieting Diet?!


For 2 months it’s being recommended that I….

  • Don’t calorie count. Or stick to a particular “diet” or “food” plan.
  • No weighing myself. To either destroy or put my scales far far away.
  • 549 more words

#TYRF Week 2 Reflections

Still in Melbourne and on to Week 2 now.

I’m being encouraged to see my relationship with food as an ongoing experiment. One size or one program does not fit all. 559 more words