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Why the West should help Putin save the ruble -Globe and Mail

More on the falling Russian rubble from McGill’s Juliet Johnson.

“Western leaders can be forgiven for experiencing schadenfreude as their Russian nemesis, President Vladimir Putin, faces the prospect of his country’s imminent economic collapse. 66 more words

Is China's economy really the largest in the world? -BBC


“The Chinese economy is now worth $17.6tn, slightly higher than the $17.4tn the International Monetary Fund (IMF) estimates for the US.”


“if you look at per capita spending power – the value of all goods and services produced within a nation in a given year divided by the average population for the same year – then, even adjusted for PPP, China ($11,868) is still lagging a long way behind not only the United States ($53,001) but also the likes of Turkmenistan ($12,863) and Suriname ($16,080).” 89 more words

Russian rouble in free-fall despite shock 17% rate rise -BBC

“The rouble has lost more than half its value against the dollar this year, hit by cheaper oil and Western sanctions.”


Review: A complete and interesting history of the IPE discipline

Cohen’s book is an ideal reading for those who would like to have a general picture of the IPE discipline. As a prominent IPE scholar himself, Cohen knows most of the people in his book. 63 more words

IR Theory

Putin cancels new natural gas pipeline to Europe in a surprise move -Washington Post

“The cancellation appeared to end an era, at least for now, in which Russia pursued grand, expensive infrastructure projects in Europe that gave it political clout through energy supplies. 53 more words

How to add new colors in IPE

You can use 26 named colors from the UI of IPE. Sometimes, you do need to other colors for your diagrams. For example, some basic colors are missing like cyan (the combination of green and blue). 55 more words