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Melvins: Gluey Porch Treatments

So while I’m listening to this album for review, I also end up reading this interview with Melvins’ lead singer/guitarist Buzz Osborne where he says “we’re not sludgy or slow.” Which is kind of a weird protest, because this is one of the sludgiest albums I’ve ever heard. 811 more words


Is She Bulimic?

My husband was on the phone, chatting with a friend, several days ago. I could overhear their conversation and they were talking about his twenty-something daughter.   821 more words


Melvins: 26 Songs

Melvins launched their recording career in 1986 with the aptly-titled Six Songs on C/Z records. Five years later, they re-recorded (or re-mastered or something) those six songs, added one song to the end of each side and re-released it on vinyl as… 760 more words


MELVINS - 'Hold It In' (Ipecac) [7]

When the chainsaw grunge of Bride Of Crankenstein – which would have slipped unnoticed onto any of their Atlantic albums – opens Melvins’ 22nd full-length, it could be heralding that rarest of things: a conventional album by this most unconventional of bands. 85 more words