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September 12 (Dalek Day 255/365)

Today’s “Take Your Dalek To Work Day” didn’t go at all to plan.  I thought the Dalek would enjoy seeing the cut and thrust that is all part of the average day of a marketing program manager.   78 more words


September 11 (Dalek Day 254/365)

The blue Dalek was having all sorts of problems trying to map out a route on its chart.  I noticed it disappeared for a moment and then curiously, it came back with a photo of the Duke of Cambridge.   77 more words


September 10 (Dalek Day 253/365)

The Daleks have decided that they can no longer simply accept things at face value.

“And to that end,” the blue Dalek explained, “we’ve obtained some fact checkers.” 44 more words


September 9 (Dalek Day 252/365)

The Daleks revealed to me today their brief and unsuccessful foray into the competitive world of Snail Racing.

“We did everything we could to get more speed out of our snail,” the blue Dalek explained.   42 more words


September 8 (Dalek Day 251/365)

I couldn’t quite tell what the Daleks were doing today with all their scurrying around, but it seemed to me at least that they were up to their old Twix. 23 more words


September 7 (Dalek Day 250/365)

The Daleks were surprised to learn today that the local blanket factory folded.

Click on photo to see a larger image

(Apps used: Pro Cam 2, Snapseed, Photo Toaster) 13 more words


September 6 (Dalek Day 249/365)

It was a homecoming of sorts as the blue Dalek returned from its Canadian adventure.  And the bronze Dalek was ready to celebrate.  “I’ve brought in some entertainment for us, so just settle back and enjoy a night of rhythm and booze!” 26 more words