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August 14 (Dalek Day 226/365)

They say that Nature abhors a vacuum — and I think it’s pretty safe to say that the Daleks aren’t particularly keen on them either! 19 more words


August 13 (Dalek Day 225/365)

After so many setbacks recently with their evil plans, the Daleks consulted with a Life Coach who gave them the advice that they just need to “find their feet again.”  As the bronze Dalek explained, “Given the anatomical differences between Daleks and humans, we did have to improvise a bit in order to follow this advice .” 16 more words


August 12 (Dalek Day 224/365)

I asked the blue Dalek today what it thought of the notion of always “questioning authority”

The Dalek paused and then replied,  “I’m okay with that.   15 more words


August 11 (Dalek Day 223/365)

The Daleks were being particularly officious today.

“We know there are a LOT of numbers out there — but according to our information, these are the 1’s to watch…” 11 more words


August 10 (Dalek Day 222/365)

We ordered pizza tonight and after our meal I became aware of a commotion inside the pizza box on the countertop.

I looked inside to find the two Daleks squaring off with each other. 35 more words


August 9 (Dalek Day 221/365)

A really strange thing happened to the blue Dalek today.  We received our allotment of fruits and vegetables from our CSA, and for some reason the Dalek become totally infatuated with one of the melons.   67 more words


August 8 (Dalek Day 220/365)

Tonight, my wife and I attended the birthday celebration of a good friend.  When we got home, I found that the Daleks had knocked over the canister that holds our tea bags and festooned them with balloons. 32 more words