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April 18 (Dalek Day 108/365)

The Easter long weekend is something new for the Dalek, and so I asked it what it planned to do.  The Dalek replied, “Well, I think I’ll use some of the time to just hang out with my Peeps.” 14 more words

Project 365

April 17 (Dalek Day 107/365)

It was an intriguing scene that we stumbled upon today and I had no idea what to make of it.  The Dalek did though.  “Let’s keep moving,” it sniffed.   23 more words


April 16 (Dalek Day 106/365)

Okay, I admit that I completely walked into this.  When the Dalek declared  out of the blue “You know, you just can’t beat a boiled egg,” I foolishly thought it was expressing a dining preference.   34 more words


April 15 (Dalek Day 105/365)

The Dalek suddenly felt under a certain amount of pressure today with the realization that the steaks have been raised.

(Apps used: Camera+, Pic Shop)

Project 365

April 14 (Dalek Day 104/365)

The Dalek was very interested to meet these skeletons and enjoy their company, having heard that even their bones are humerus. In fact, it expected them to be well-armed with all sorts of gags. 18 more words

Project 365

April 13 (Dalek Day 103/365)

Tonight’s game night took a sinister turn with the sudden and unexpected appearance of a Card Shark.

(Apps used: Camera+, Snapseed)

Project 365

April 12 (Dalek Day 102/365)

The Dalek was very disappointed — but not entirely surprised — to learn that the Origami Club has folded already.

(Apps used: Pro Cam 2, Fotor, PS Express)

Project 365