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Annoying as hell

One of the most annoying text messages or phone calls you can receive is from a random number and they ask this.

You don’t even get real words back from me…



How to save your Phone Battery.

1. Upon waking, admire the sunrise and stretch. Go for a run and feel the air whizz past yours ears, through your thighs, arms and feel your legs power you forward. 167 more words

On why having an iPhone can save you a trip to the dentist

A few Sunday nights ago, while sitting down to dinner, I received a frantic call from a mother of one of our patients.  She was extremely panicked as Billy (a pediatric dentist’s favorite pseudonym for a boy patient)  had just fallen and knocked out a front tooth.   299 more words

Curiosity killed the cat.

You know those informercials about those creepy little robot vacuum cleaners that turn themselves off and on and clean the house for you? Yeah, that’s not what i’m talking about. 430 more words


Tinder Shot of the Day

Caitlin is just pulling on ma heart strings here! LOVE the confidence.

Yeah I swiped right.

Btw — what’s with all the prostitutes on Tinder lately? 60 more words


NYT: Macs, iPhones and iPads seamlessly connect in Apple’s silky smooth ecosystem

“Late in 2012, when Tim Cook was relatively fresh on the job as Apple’s chief executive, he made a sudden and potentially risky shuffle in the firm’s executive ranks,” Farhad Manjoo reports for The New York Times. 278 more words