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happy sunday

The heavens have opened up once again and brightened up this Sunday. Hope everyone is having a relaxed and beautiful day, too!

iPhone 3GS has color depth of 24-bit color or 18-bit color?

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I don’t understand why Apple did not disclose all the detailed specifications. On apple site, it only tells the most basic specs not all specs so Wikipedia has to search iPhone specs in other sources. 224 more words


I just have to get this off my chest...

I don’t make a very good first impression.

I’m very aware of that.

Some people who don’t make good first impressions don’t really know why. But I just recently figured out why I don’t… 144 more words


iPhone Diary

I’m sorry I haven’t been updating my blog but I’ve been lacking time and inspiration, so basically the most important things it takes to create a blogpost.  225 more words


More Square Biz

The sign reads, “Warning — Deep Water Unsafe to Enter.” Of course that was a lie, as county officials had begun draining the lake, much to my surprise and that of the birds wintering on the lake. 274 more words

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