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Re- had to fix my mitt today. It actually broke on Thursday and Saturday I didn’t realize it. It only took a few minutes to put the new piece of leather in.



Big and almost Forgotten. This is the last lemon off my tree. I nearly forgot about it! it got so big!


Easter Story

Hubble: Let’s go back to the part where everyone is eating.”

Rabbit: “No, I’ve read that part three times already. This is boring.”

Hubble: “Here, let me help you-I know exactly where to find it.” 97 more words


April 18 (Dalek Day 108/365)

The Easter long weekend is something new for the Dalek, and so I asked it what it planned to do.  The Dalek replied, “Well, I think I’ll use some of the time to just hang out with my Peeps.” 14 more words