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The real cost of bed bugs

In the 2013 “Bugs without Borders” survey, pest management professionals reported that the majority of bed bugs are found in homes — but they are also in hotels, dorms, nursing homes, schools and office buildings. 385 more words

NC State receives $12.4 million to improve sweet potatoes

by Mick Kulikowski

North Carolina State University will receive $12.4 million over the next four years from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to improve a crop that is an important food staple in sub-Saharan Africa – the sweet potato. 565 more words


Should NC soybean growers spray for stink bugs?

In Southeast Farm Press

by Dominic Reisig, NC State University

Right now we are witnessing typical end-of-season insect patterns.  Multigenerational bean leaf beetle populations densities are at their highest now and soybeans with developing seed are stink bug magnets. 387 more words


Problem with Bugs on your Tomatoes?

Looking over the search history on my blog it seems you have some questions!  One that I encountered was from someone worried about their tomatoes.  I love tomatoes so I am more than happy to assist. 565 more words


Last Weekend at IPM

Its been some time I have posted anything here .. just been caught up in the ever so turning wheels of life . Its had also been sometime since I had been to IPM .


Some late season pests (September 17, 2014)

There are a few odds and sods kicking around this time of year. Usually late season feeding injury is not a big deal.  However when the pest is going to make your ornamental plants its “forever” home…..you might want to do something about it. 777 more words

Jen Llewellyn

What is Integrated Pest Management (IPM)?

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is a holistic system of preventive stages of control for the collection or storage environment to deter biological pest activity. IPM systems avoid use of chemical treatments that are harmful to human health, the environment and the items within a collection. 332 more words