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‘This is over’: New poll gives Tory big lead

TORONTO – John Tory enjoys a significant lead over Doug Ford, according to an Ipsos Reid poll conducted exclusively for Global News.

And with just three days left until election day, there’s little chance either Ford or Olivia Chow can come out on top, John Wright, senior vice president of Ipsos Reid said in an interview Friday. 364 more words


Most Torontonians say the city is world class

You can’t have a conversation about the future of Toronto without someone using the words ‘world class city.’

New York, London, Hong Kong.  No one in those cities ever seems to wonder if their city is world class, it just is.   299 more words


46% of Torontonians support hiking user fees for better services

Watch above: Alan Carter reports on a new poll that says almost half of Torontonians would be willing to pay more for better services. 

TORONTO – Nearly half of Torontonians are willing to spend more money to use the city’s parks, pools and recreational facilities if they were better, according to an Ipsos Reid poll done exclusively for Global News. 608 more words


Commute too long? Ditch the car and pay more for transit

Watch above: Why Etobicoke residents commute by car more than anywhere else in Toronto. Alan Carter reports. 

TORONTO – It isn’t just you: You really are spending longer getting to and from work. 709 more words


Concerned, yet confident: How Canadians feel about Ebola

WATCH: Eric Sorensen is keeping track of the spread of Ebola in Africa and on this side of the Atlantic.

TORONTO – In the last two months, Canadians’ concern about the… 598 more words


Transit, infrastructure the top issues in Toronto, poll says

Watch above: Half of Torontonians would be willing to pay more for transit. Alan Carter reports. 

TORONTO  – The daily commute, in one way or another, is the top issue this election, according to an Ipsos Reid poll done exclusively for Global News. 809 more words


Torontonians agree on one thing: politics gets in the way at city hall

Watch above: Top ways to reform city hall according to politicians, pundits and professors. Alan Carter reports. 

TORONTO – Most Torontonians think politics get in the way of anything getting done at city hall, according to a new Ipsos Reid poll done exclusively for Global News. 471 more words