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Attack on Nathan Cirillo, Parliament Hill tops 2014 Canadian news stories: poll

WATCH ABOVE: Global’s Erika Tucker on what Canadians chose as the top news stories of 2014 in our exclusive Global News/Ipsos Reid poll. 

TORONTO – In an exclusive Global News / Ipsos Reid poll, Canadians chose the attack on the soldier guarding the National War Memorial and Parliament Hill as the top story of 2014. 507 more words


ISIS, Ebola top international news stories in Canada: exclusive poll

WATCH: Stuart Greer takes a look back at the year’s top stories.

OTTAWA – Canadians have chosen the dual scares of Islamic State terrorism and… 591 more words


Mulcair seen as better leader, but Trudeau favoured to win: poll

WATCH ABOVE: A new Global News-Ipsos Reid poll gives a snapshot of how popular Liberal leader Justin Trudeau and NDP leader Tom Mulcair are in the minds of Canadian voters. 881 more words


Is Peter MacKay the best choice for future PM? Tory voters say yes

WATCH ABOVE: Global’s Erika Tucker asks Ipsos Reid’s Darrell Bricker the significance of new poll results suggesting Justice Minister Peter MacKay is Tory voters’ top choice to replace the PM. 748 more words


5 myths & misconceptions regarding violence against children

TORONTO – A new global survey reveals that people around the world think violence against children is a common, growing and under-reported problem, yet one that is still surrounded in misconception and misunderstanding. 739 more words