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Memblokir IP yang berusaha meng-hack server

Kali ini Server website dan e-mail sedang diincar para ‘Cracker’ karena sedang ada hajat besar yang melibatkan server e-mail sebagai sarana pengumpulan data.

Setelah di analisa dan di simpulkan, disarankan untuk memblokir IP penyerang agar tidak mengganggu lalu lintas data dan kinerja server. 58 more words


Block WordPress xmlprc.php DDOS attacks using Fail2Ban

Few days ago, my friend’s WordPress website went down. After investigation, I have figured out that it was receiving massive amount of posts requests to the xmlrpc.php file, which brings the apache and mysql to eat up all the system resources and the website crashed. 205 more words


Introduction to iptables in Linux

Iptables is used to set up, maintain, and inspect the tables of IP packet filter rules in the Linux kernel.Note. There are firewalls that can manage iptables for you and make it easier to set rules.  389 more words


Blocking abusive IP addresses using IPTABLES Firewall in Debian/Ubuntu

In one of our previous article we have posted an instructional guide on how to secure your Debian/Ubuntu based VPS using IPTABLES/Netfilter. In the following article we are adding a blacklist to the firewall script which will allow you to Continue reading… 6 more words

Quick subnetting reference


CIDR block           Subnet Mask                 IP Quantity   

/32                           1   

/31                           2   

/30                           4   

/29                           8   

/28                           16   

/27                           32   

/26                           64   

/25                           128   

/24                               256   

/23                               512   

/22                               1024   

/21                               2048   

/20                               4096   

/19                               8192   

/18                               16384   

/17                               32768   

/16                                   65536   

/15                                   131072   

/14                                   262144   

/13                                   524288   

/12                                   1048576   

/11                                   2097152   

/10                                   4194304   

/9                                     8388608   

/8                                         16777216   

/7                                         33554432   

/6                                         67108864   

/5                                         134217728   

/4                                         268435456   

/3                                         536870912   

/2                                         1073741824   

/1                                         2147483648  


a farm of mules


Admittedly I’m a file sharer. I like keeping files available to the public that are rare and hard to find. In my opinion file sharing is the only way to prevent some media from vanishing into oblivion (think Star Wars pre-1997 LDs). 2,184 more words


IPTables: Not for the fainthearted

All our sites run a mixture of defense tools, but IPTables form part of the frontlines! (stop inferring! ;) )

Here are some handy examples for IPTables: 2,030 more words