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Why Netflix Is Crushing Hulu Plus (Business Insider)

While Netflix and Hulu offer similar services on a very broad level, one has become a major disruptive force for the entertainment industry while the other has become a bit player. 22 more words

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Chez Netflix, l’innovation est tout sauf une "House of cards" (Industrie & Technonologies)

Disponible en France depuis le 15 septembre, le service de vidéo à la demande en streaming Netflix a  déjà séduit plus de 50 millions d’abonnés dans le monde, et affiche un chiffre d’affaires de cinq milliards de dollars. 95 more words

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Netflix has a plan to take over the world (Fortune)

But it’ll likely lose money abroad long before it ever makes it there.

Like the conniving Frank Underwood, Netflix’s ambitions only continue to grow. 50 more words

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The people who get paid to watch Netflix (CBS)

Do you ever wonder how Netflix recommends the TV shows and movies you should watch? As CBS News correspondent Ben Tracy reports, the company relies on a group of people who might…

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Innovative Systems launches Streaming TV app

Innovative Systems has launched a new video service that can deliver live video channels to subscribers over their data connection. [...] Customers can access the Streaming TV App using a Roku 3 or Streaming Stick device and then use their Roku remote to view channel guide information. 23 more words

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Netflix launches in Germany (Deutsche Welle)

Internet TV streaming giant Netflix hits the Internet in Germany. 24 hour on-demand entertainment company offers competitive prices. After runanway success in the US, the Internet company is…

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Le vrai adversaire de Netflix, c’est le logiciel de streaming Popcorn (Le Nouvel Observateur)

Netflix, service américain de films et séries en streaming, a débarqué officiellement ce lundi en France. « L’heure française a sonné », annonce la presse. 41 more words

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