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Video-on-demand service Presto halves monthly fee (C|Net)

The movie streaming service from Foxtel will drop its fees to AU$9.99 per month from August 17.

Presto, the specialist movie streaming service from Foxtel, has halved its monthly fee, … 22 more words

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How HBO is molding its little sister channel into a top competitor

“Skinemax” was struggling. In 2010, subscriber numbers at the US cable channel Cinemax, which earned that derisive nickname with its reputation for late-night soft-core pornography, were flat and starting to trend downward. 698 more words

Why the UK's New Local TV Stations Are Doomed to Fail

It’s worth pointing out another huge problem with the Government’s plan to deliver local TV in the form of TV channels: Because all local channels share the same single TV channel number, each local channel is available on TV only in its home town or region. 38 more words

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Foxtel's Presto Movie Streaming Service Is Now Cheaper Than Netflix

Presto is a great movie streaming service, but up until now it was a little expensive. At $19.99 per month for access to an admittedly large back catalogue of archive movies and a fair few new releases, it was a bit pricey but justifiable; at the new $9.99 monthly cost it is totally worth it [...] As for that outrageous “cheaper than Netflix” claim? 96 more words

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HBO Go to Become the Next Netflix (Josic)

Time Warner admitted that HBO Go is going to become Netflix’s biggest competitor. The channel is looking to create a Netflix of its own. 11 more words

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Why Netflix Wants to Be HBO and HBO Wants to Be Netflix (CheatSheet)

In the race toward envisioning the television platforms of the future, two famously mismatched competitors are looking to become more and more alike as consumers increasingly demand the combination of online subscription services with… 6 more words

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