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Comment le marché culturel français peut-il résister aux géants du Web ? (Journal du Net)

Entre l’arrivée de Netflix en France, qui pourrait considérablement modifier le paysage audiovisuel français, et le coup de gueule d’Aurélie Fillipetti contre Amazon, accusé de pratiques anticoncurrentiel contre les éditeurs français, les géants du Web américain attisent la… 8 more words

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Rogers, Shaw poised to launch Netflix-like video streaming service (The Globe and Mail)

Two of Canada’s largest cable television distributors are expected to announce the launch of a joint video streaming service on Tuesday, in a bid to bolster their positions against growing… 7 more words

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Netflix tipped to rapidly expand intn’l base (TBI Vision)

International subscriptions will account for one fifth of its overall business in four years time as it completes its planned raft of launches in European countries, according to a study by IHS Technology. 10 more words

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Chelsea Handler Is Reportedly Making $10 Million For New Netflix (Business Insider)

It pays to head to online television.

TV Guide released its annual salary list revealing how much TV’s top stars earn.

According to the five-page report, Chelsea Handler will be making a whopping… 9 more words

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Every 'Simpsons' Ever: Is FXX Using Netflix's Business Model On Cable? (Forbes)

Today begins what seems like an unprecedented television event: For the remainder of the month, basic cable newcomer FXX will celebrate its being the new, exclusive, syndication home of The Simpsons by airing every episode ever made (and the movie), back-to-back-to-back, with no repeats. 10 more words

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Europe 20% of all Netflix subs by 2015 (Advanced Television)

As Netflix rapidly expands across Europe, the company will see its international subscriptions jump from one-tenth to one-fifth of total subscriptions, according to new analysis from research firm IHS. 13 more words

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