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Scotland - When It's Nice, It's Nice

There is no place with more finicky weather than Scotland and Ireland.  when it is nasty it is just plain nasty but when it is nice you get the light that dreams are made of.   55 more words

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New Zealand Waterfall

One of the most magical and photographic places I can think of is New Zealand.  I love NZ and it’s no wonder the Hobit is filmed here.   29 more words


Tanah Lot Temple

Two years ago I lead a workshop in Bali.  We visited some amazing location and one of these was the Tanah Lot Temple.  This temple is joined to the land by a rock and can only be accessed at low tide.   8 more words

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It's Been A Cold Winter

Today is a spring like day.  Tomorrow we are supposed to get 3 inches of snow.  This is the way I pinch myself so I am ready for the cold again.

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Rusty Abstract

Been very busy on a numb rod projects and haven’t done os well this past week keeping up with the posts here.  I was once again going through my old images and came upon one I like a lot.   25 more words

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