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El IRA y el conflicto norirlandés en el cine. Parte I

     A pesar de que hoy en día el problema norirlandés sigue muy vivo, tras la finalización del conflicto armado que tuvo lugar en la región durante casi tres décadas, éste ha desaparecido por completo de la escena mediática en nuestro país. 1,265 more words

Cine E Historia

20 Years on - Time To Go

Statement From 1916 Societies

20 years on from the momentous events of August 1994 and the historic IRA ceasefire of that time, movement towards the reunification of Ireland has been sparse on the ground with Irish Unity arguably as far away as ever. 478 more words


Not investing is your 20s is costing you millions...yes, millions

I know you don’t want to hear it, but your decision to put off saving until your later years so you can enjoy yourself now might be costing you more than you’d expect.   240 more words


A third of people have nothing saved for retirement

“Cost of living and day-to-day expenses” are these truly reasons not to save for retirement? Well, I guess if you ask Elizabeth Warren and company she would say people are struggling and cannot afford to save. 322 more words

Observations On Life




It’s all about being you,loving you

having fun and being confident in your own skin..

then beauty shall follow.


You’re whats important.

So be proud to be YOU.





even wallflowers bloom




Blues na cidade

Som incessante do blues, com sons guitarras chorando e suas gaitas clamando por ajuda. Esse som percorre todos os cantos da cidade, sai pelos bueiros e das bocas da pessoas. 332 more words

Remando Contra O Fluxo

Ira // Rage

Mi compañero llama, de nuevo se encuentra a las puertas, mi mano se dirige a girar el picaporte de mi autocontrol mientras mis pies caminan hacia esa especie de asiento donde tomas el papel de puro espectador. 493 more words