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White House continues its "state of emergency" with Iran

Wednesday evening, President Barack Obama renewed a state of emergency against Iran despite recent talks aimed at ending America’s nuclear dispute with Iran’s Islamic government. In 1979, in response to the hostage crisis, US President Jimmy Carter declared a “state of emergency” concerning Iran. 83 more words


Correcting the Record: The CIA Tweets "Real" Argo Story

The Central Intelligence Agency doesn’t tweet that much, but on Friday it launched a fascinating stream about how the Iran hostage rescue depicted in the film “Argo” really went down. 217 more words


CIA posts 'Argo' fact or fiction tweets to mark hostage crisis anniversary

Ben Affleck may have exercised some creative freedom in his film Argo, the story of how six U.S. embassy staff in Tehran were rescued from in an elaborate Hollywood plot. 677 more words


This Day in History Nov 6 2014 U.N. condemns apartheid Dam gives way in Georgia Less Than Zero Iran Hostage Crisis

Nov 6, 1962:

On this day in 1962, the United Nations General Assembly adopts a resolution condemning South Africa’s racist apartheid policies and calling on all its members to end economic and military relations with the country. 1,846 more words


Marylander Helps Iran Celebrate Death to America Day

(Gaithersburg, MD) – November 4th in Iran is the annual Death to America Day holiday. As everyone knows, nothing beats a holiday with the word “death” in its title. 327 more words


Our Man in Tehran - Robert Wright

Awhile ago I saw the movie Argo which was a movie based on the same incident as this book. The hostage take over of the US Embassy in Iran. 468 more words