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Iran sanctions or rather say the emergence of US provisions against Iran came into existence long back when the relations of U.S Iran got bitterer in 1979 during the Iran hostage crisis. 336 more words

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The neocon endgame on Iran, new piece for Lobe Log

Trying to navigate the array of neoconservative reactions to the ongoing talks with Iran gives me a headache. Several are very straightforward about wanting war, but it seems like many others are pretending to support sanctions and negotiations in theory, but their standards for a successful outcome range from unrealistic to outright impossible, leaving nothing left but, well, war. 223 more words

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The roadblocks to a comprehensive nuclear deal with Iran, my piece for Foreign Policy in Focus

I’ve gotten a new piece published, this time at Foreign Policy in Focus, a foreign affairs thinktank affiliated with the Institute for Policy Studies. It looks at the many serious hindrances that still remain in reaching a full nuclear accord with Iran, but hopefully without being… 767 more words


For the best way to punish Putin, listen to the guy who devised the sanctions on Iran

US president Barack Obama and other Western leaders have a conundrum when they confer tomorrow (Monday) on Moscow’s all-but certain annexation of Crimea: how to punish Russian president Vladimir Putin but minimize the economic fallout on themselves? 422 more words

Bank of Hawaii Unfreezes Iranian Accounts

By Adam Kredo:

The Bank of Hawaii announced on Tuesday that it had reinstated access to accounts for Iranian nationals who had seen them frozen due to U.S. 253 more words

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IPT Senior Fellow Testifies at Hearing on Iranian Terror

IPT, by Abha Shankar  •  Mar 4, 2014 

Pete Hoekstra, Shillman Senior Fellow at the Investigative Project on Terrorism, testified Tuesday at a Joint Subcommittee hearing… 443 more words

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