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The Flawed Narrative on Iran

Sheldon Richman’s article, “The Ayatollah’s Overlooked Anti-WMD Fatwas,” written for the Future of Freedom Foundation, repeats some necessary truths about Iran that few Americans have been exposed to. 415 more words

Media And Disinformation

Ward 350 of Evin prison witness to the most unprecedented violence against political prisoners within the last two decades.

According to Kaleme, agents from the IRGC, Ministry of Intelligence, and over hundreds of prison guards violently raided Ward 350 of Evin prison and beat up prisoners using batons and other weapons. 402 more words

Prisoners Of Conscience

Unprecedented Violence Against Evin Political Prisoners Left Tens Injured And Moved to Solitary Confinement

Opposition site Kaleme reports in an unprecedented violent attack tens of Ward 350 political prisoners were injured and moved to solitary confinement.

In the raid on Ward 350 of Evin prison by intelligence unit of IRGC, the Intelligence Ministry’s agents and 100 Bureau of Prison security guards the political prisoners at Ward 350 were beaten by batons resulting in more than 30 of the prisoners sustaining injuries and 4 of the prisoners taken to a hospital outside of Evin prison. 186 more words

Human Rights

Arts and Anemone

Today I basically slept away the whole day. I can not believe that is almost six o clock . In 3 hours , it’s time to go to work. 393 more words

Improbable Reprieve at Iran Gallows

An Iranian man convicted of murder was facing almost certain death. But seconds before his hanging was due to take place, he was offered a reprieve from the unlikeliest source. 25 more words


When Muslims ask, "How are you sure the being an atheist is the truth?"

I get asked this question by Muslims on a regular basis, and as ridiculous as it may sound it speaks volumes about the “Muslim mentality”. The Islamic approach is that Allah’s word is the truth, the Quran is perfect, and the ways of Muhammad must be followed by all Muslims. 768 more words


This Week's Six Pillars Show - Warp and Weft with Kronos Quartet

Tar o Pood is Persian for warp and weft, both terms that have some etymology in Old Persian (Pers. baftan “to weave”) probably because, as some Iranian mothers like to point out, the Middle East was weaving silk while Europeans had not evolved beyond pelt. 359 more words