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T'was She

I often look at newspapers.
I say look because I might read a story or two if they catch my eye but, truthfully, the pertinent use of my newspaper is to look for job opportunities. 428 more words


Inaccuracies in the New CBS show "Madam Secretary"

The new political drama titled “Madam Secretary” starring Tea Leoni in its title role has generally received positive reviews from critics. In the latest episode titled “Blame Canada”, the story line cleverly navigates been two separate diplomatic tussles that inter-relate in the end. 454 more words

RT Publishes Report on Serena Shim's Death; Western Media Largely Ignore the Story

The Western media seem  largely to be ignoring the death of Serena Shim. Apparently in evaluating the “newsworthiness”  of the story, news editors and media owners in the West have decided that her job as a reporter for Press TV outweighs any considerations of her having been a US citizen. 389 more words


US War on Iran Takes Bizarre Turn

Source: New Eastern Outlook 10/18/2014, by Tony Cartalucci

It is not merely hyperbole when it is said the US created terrorist organizations like Al Qaeda or the so-called “Islamic State.” It is documented fact. 584 more words

War On Terror

Iran Nuclear Discussions Will Impact The ISIS Crisis

By Sal Bommarito

Buried in the New York Times today is a story about the current negotiations with Iran relating to its nuclear program. The importance of these discussions cannot be overstated. 355 more words


The Caves

I wrote this travel piece on the “cave dwellers” of the Iranian village of Kandovan for Brownbook’s 47 issue.

“Like many residents of Tabriz, the capital of northwestern Iran’s East Azerbaijan province, photographer Saber Alinejad has been making regular excursions 60 kilometres south to the neighbouring village of Kandovan since he was a child. 50 more words

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