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Russia Rejects US Warnings Over Oil Deal With Iran

Of course Russia rejects the empty red-lines of Obama, what did you  expect? No other country in the world has ever respected and cared about US’s rhetoric of warning since JANUARY 2009. 355 more words

PressTV: Iran, world powers conclude nuclear talks

A general view of the Iran-P5+1 nuclear talks session at the UN headquarters in Vienna, April 8, 2014

Wed Apr 9, 2014 2:40PM GMT

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ISRAEL WILL NOT FALL FOR THIS CHARADE as western leaders continue to appease Iran

The rogue state of Iran and six world powers began a new round of negotiations on Tuesday aimed at settling their decade-old dispute over Tehran’s nuclear program by late July, despite wide differences on how to get there. 369 more words


Time to rebuild good relations with Iran

The United States cut diplomatic ties with Iran in 1980, after Iranian students took 52 hostages at the U.S. embassy in Tehran and held them for 444 days.  115 more words


Diplomatic Theater

On Monday, following his meeting with the US Secretary of State in Paris, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov caught the attention of Arab media. Lavrov told… 944 more words

Fear Factor, the Mullahs' Motivation Behind the Executions Spike

Within the small community of minority Arabs where he lived in southwest Iran, Hashem Shaabani was known as a teacher, an advocate for civil rights and a poet. 1,004 more words