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Goodbye to Kurdistan, Iraq, our last night in Suleymaniyah

 Arkan and the Millenium!

It was a little tricky exiting Iraq, as the only possibilities ended up being night bus rides of 20+hours across the eastern Turkish border, so we splurged and bought a one-way ticket back to Istanbul! 1,409 more words

My Holiday in Iraq

This past week has been the Georgian Easter holiday which is the equivalent of Spring Beak here. As Spring Breaks go this one was pretty incredible. 657 more words


Photos from Iraq (2008)

Before I came to UTS I was working at the Australian War Memorial. In late 2008 I visited Iraq and the Northern Arabian Gulf area for the Memorial, collecting and recording records of war before all Australian forces were withdrawn. 80 more words


Syrian refugees exhibit their art and aim for microloans.

Author: Sazan M. Mandalawi / Niqash

“Today is the first exhibition in my life,” Fayza Hussein says. “I am so happy. This was always my dream.” 778 more words

Art Of Resistance

Al-Maliki Accuses Saudi Arabia of Supporting Terrorism

Local EditorIraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki stressed that Saudi Arabia turned into a state of problems due to its policies in supporting terrorists in Syria, Iraq, Yemen and other countries, via an interview on al-Manar TV channel on Monday.In an interview with al-Maliki on Monday, he said Saudi Arabia lives the dream of toppling Syria, Iraq and Lebanon but it will not succeed, also calling on Saudi Arabia to stop interfering in the Iraqi affairs and to respect the interests of Iraq.Al-Maliki reassured that the political solution is the only one for solving the crisis in Syria, calling on all the Syrian sides and the international community to adopt a political solution to the crisis. 133 more words

Al Qaeda

Flying Cots

Sgt. Marla Keown | 2nd Platoon, 2nd Squad |…undetermined location

I’m laying under Cecena and Digmann’s trailer right now. My feet are hanging off the side of my cot and Digmann loaned me his boxers for the night. 227 more words

Army Reserves

Justifiable Schadenfreude

Any thought I had about perhaps being a big enough person not to revel in a little schadenfreude went right out the window when my friend Steve Smolinsky emailed me this headline a few weeks ago. 222 more words

Public Affairs