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An Analysis of ISIS Quarterly Reports: Kill and Conquer

James Foley’s beheading illustrates ISIS’ ruthlessness; the growing organization’s reports reveal its calculating nature

Authors: Adi Kochavi and Matan Gilat

Posted: 08/20/14 08:28 EDT

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RIP James Foley

Oh, God, no, please no… I think that’s what I said when I read the headline today declaring that American journalist James Foley had been savagely beheaded by the demonic gang of terrorist thugs called ISIS. 1,158 more words

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Don't forget...

While we’re dumping ice over our heads for a good cause, don’t forget that ISIS continues to cut off people’s heads for an evil cause.

Yezidi Captives Convert to Islam Under Threat

In the video released by ISIS on August 20, a group of Yezidi captives are seen when they convert to Islam


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I haven’t watched the video. Yet I’m haunted by it.

I know that there is nothing especially novel about the savagery inflicted upon James Foley by some hooded spokesman for ISIS. 582 more words

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