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UN Warns Of Amerli Massacre

The UN have called for action to prevent a massacre. The United Nations have said that if there no action the Northern Iraqi Town of Amerli we been the seen of a massacre. 232 more words


Who Allowed ISIS To Flourish And Who Is Benefiting From Their Murderous Onslaught?

By Yvonne Ridley

Source: http://yvonneridley.org/analysis-and-opinion/who-allowed-isis-to-flourish-and-who-is-benefiting-from-their-murderous-onslaught/

I have no idea where the Islamic State/ISIS/ISIL or whatever name it uses came from, and I’m just as baffled by the roots of its violent ideology. 738 more words

How #ISIS uses early Islamic history to justify its actions

Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi, leader of ISIS, declared himself ‘Caliph Ibrahim’ in June 2014. Claiming a genealogy traced back to the Prophet Muhammad and his noble tribe the Quraysh, together with a PhD from the Islamic University of Baghdad, his religious credentials are certainly stronger than previous Al-Qaeda leaders. 1,116 more words


Iraqis Must Rise Above Their Differences to Rout Terrorists

The following op-ed by Vice President Biden was posted to the Washington Post website August 22. There are no republication restrictions.

Iraqis Must Rise Above Their Differences to Rout Terrorists… 972 more words

'They're fighting off death': Fears of another Mount Sinjar grow after ISIS surrounds 18,000 Shi'ite Muslims in Iraqi town of Amerli

  • Senior Iraqi cleric expresses grave concern for Shi’ite Turkmen community
  • Town faces starvation after food, water and medical supplies are cut off
  • Doctor: ‘It’s a disaster.
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Counter Jihad Report

Keeping ISIS out of the U.S.

The U.S. is monitoring the possibility that the next generation of Islamic militants could come from within the border.


Apparently we are already working with Assad

On 17 August, the Syrian military launched it’s largest and most sustained bombing campaign on Raqqa, the self styled capital of the Islamic State.  The bombing was unprecedented… 210 more words

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