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The U.S. Needs a New Yardstick for a New Kind of War

Body counts are never a good a yardstick for measuring progress in a war of ideas. That’s why the Pentagon freaked out Thursday when Stuart Jones… 875 more words

Between Iraq and a Hard Place; Troubling Times for Saudi Arabia

With the death of King Abdullah bin Abdelaziz al-Saud, Saudi Arabia has lost its anchor that has helped it weather the storms of the last couple of decades. 1,988 more words

Islamic State

Royal Australian Air Force E-7A Wedgetail Endurance Mission (video)

Middle East – Royal Australian Air Force E-7A Wedgetail Airborne Early Warning and Control aircraft recently made history for the longest Australian command and control mission in a war zone during a combat mission over Iraq. 575 more words

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Iraq: Islamic State Leader Orders Female Genital Mutilation of Two Million Girls

There can be no hope of wiping out this savage act of pure misogyny until we can speak candidly about the root cause. Muslims are not the only people who engage in this horror, but they are, by far, the largest group and the only group whose… 525 more words


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How the world can let this happen is beyond me. This alone is justification for a full scale military assault on the barbaric cut called Islam.

The Prophet Who Never Got It

The Book of Jonah

Do you ever wish God were different? It sounds like a strange question, but the prophet Jonah could have easily answered, “Yes.” 943 more words


White House Gaffe Outs American Held by the Islamic State

U.S. officials routinely ask media outlets to keep the identity of the 26-year old American woman held hostage by Islamic State a secret. White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough mistakenly ignored the administration’s own policy Sunday morning when he mentioned her first name on national television. 447 more words

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Our So-Called Foreign Policy: Obama's Anti-Terror Strategy is Crackpot Realism

At a press conference this morning┬áin India (Yesterday morning? Tonight? I still can’t keep that international dateline straight!), President Obama performed a major public service in presenting concisely the fundamental rationale for his anti-terrorism strategy. 715 more words