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Supreme Court Rules that Inherited IRAs are Not Protected

It is not often that the Supreme Court provides a clear rule on any aspect of Estate or Financial planning (or even graces our niche with a passing reference), so these occasions call for special attention!!   788 more words

Inherited IRA Distributions Made Simple … or at least I thought so...

Whether you’re inheriting an IRA or aiming to protect your own heirs, you’ve got to learn to dance the IRS jig. Under normal circumstances, barring qualification for an exemption, a distribution from a regular IRA prior to age 59.5 will result in the distribution being taxed to the owner as current income and being subject to a 10% penalty. 978 more words


CTC tip: make IRA contributions early in the year

Waiting until the end of the year to contribute to your IRA limits your potential for growth.

A recent Money.com article reported that 70% of IRA contributions in 2013 were made near the contribution deadline. 258 more words

Personal Finance

Don’t make these common mistakes when planning your retirement.

Planning to retire? Have all your ducks in a row? Know where your retirement income’s going to come from? Great! But don’t make some basic mistakes or you may find yourself working longer or living on a reduced income. 475 more words

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Let's claim PIC Cash payout from IRAS .. not for startups

Many a times, hearing the different startups in our Angels Gate clinic sessions, I asked the question on how they are getting funding. Quite a number have mentioned the PIC cash payout that is issued by IRAS. 872 more words


The Great IRA Misconception: You CAN Take Control!

There is a great misconception out there today. It is that you MUST invest your Individual Retirement Account in Bank CDs, in the Stock Market, in Bonds, Mutual Funds, or Annuities. 1,073 more words

What to do with your old retirement plan when you change jobs

First and foremost, don’t take a lump-sum distribution from your old employer’s retirement plan. It generally will be taxable and, if you’re under age 59½, subject to a 10% early-withdrawal penalty. 160 more words