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sic: Thusly was it written

I honestly have a hard time finding fault with anything that filters down from the geniuses at suckless.org. sic is another example.

For a sparse Internet chat application, you can’t get much closer to the bone than sic. 194 more words


General Corporate Tax Provisions

Introduction and Overview

  • Reg §301.7701-3(a) & (b)(1)
  • §7701(o)

Incorporation (Basic)

  • §351
  • 358(a),(b) & (d)
  • 362(a) & (e)
  • 368(c)
  • §1032
  • 1223(1)
  • Reg. §1.351-1(a)(1)&(2)

Who is the quiet reviewer and what is this site?

I don’t like fancy entrances, being a quiet man. Take this as my excuse for the short opening post.

As expected of me, I haven’t been very social with other anime fans and reviewers and can mainly be found in remote areas of the community: 104 more words


scrollz: Fast, friendly and light

The man page for scrollz told me a lot more about it than I had written in my notes.

A lot more than was on the home page either, although to be fair, there seem to be some domain redirection issues there. 277 more words


Generation S - Issue #073 - Publication 04.17.14

01 <@Storyteller> <After a great deal of soul (or perhaps that was wahoo and gogool) searching, results have certainly been mixed. Nevertheless night still turns to day as it is wont even within the odd world of the Terra Incognita…> 7,483 more words

Generation S Campaign Logs

The IRC, Miliband and a Crisis In Afghanistan

With the Afghanistan elections only a few days away, the media were in overdrive reporting on what a historic occasion it was set to be. A press release landed in my inbox from the International Rescue Committee (IRC) which stated the findings of a new report and offered the chance to ask questions and schedule interviews regarding the reports findings. 1,279 more words

Paddy Vipond

Serunya Chatting menggunakan IRC

IRC sebenarnya adalah teknologi lama untuk chatting pada sebuah kanal ( mudahnya : sebuah room). Pada linux, terdapat banyak sekali aplikasi yang dapat digunakan untuk terkoneksi pada server IRC. 536 more words