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Edisi baru tahu, ooo gini cara baca ukuran ban

Oo.. baru tahu gini cara baca ukuran ban yang beredar di pasar he he he

Moga-moga bermanfaat Bro…


Meet Rooms, Facebook’s semi-anonymous app and first real attempt to fix the broken problem of social

There’s an argument to be made that Facebook built the current social networking era and then Facebook broke it. It succeeded where Friendster and MySpace ultimately failed – at connecting you to all your friends and eventually connecting the world. 1,154 more words

Trusting the Cash Recipient

Lately, I’ve become more aware that having government agencies and nonprofit organizations decide what is good for people in need may not be as effective as letting the recipients of the assistance decide for themselves. 241 more words

Release: Gungrave 9-12

Gungrave: 9-12

Source: Blu-Ray
Resolution: 1080p
Audio: Japanese / English
Subtitles: English

Get them now at #Senju@Irc.Rizon.Net


State Department bows to pressure to rescind plan to resettle refugees in Athens

The U.S. State Department has decided to put on indefinite hold the plan this fiscal year to begin resettling refugees to Athens, Georgia after local and state government opposition. 363 more words


Being a pretensious ass/writing a book

‘Bring da motherfuckin’ ruckus’

Current word count: 31,886

Missed updating this yesterday (I did do work) due to getting back late and collapsed, only to wake up a few hour later in a state of sleep paralysis – will whine about this at a later date. 326 more words



IRC – the abbreviation for internet relay chat – is one of the oldest forms of chat. Now I created a channel belonging to this blog called #ochrilein – you find a link to a online client on my contact page. 30 more words