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Are We Listening to Syria's Women and Girls?

Originally posted in the Daily Beast here.

Despite legislation meant to help women and girls in conflict zones, much more must be done to ensure rapid action on the ground—especially in Syria. 937 more words


The Redskins Debate Isn't Going Away: Will the NFL be Stripped of it's Tax Exempt Status?

Maria Cantwell, a junior senator from Washington state, and former head of the Senate’s Indian Affairs committee, plans to propose a bill that would strip the entire National Football League (NFL) of it’s 501(c)(6) tax exempt status if the Washington Redskins still refuse to change the team’s name.  415 more words


A small step in Ruby...

Today I finally was able to join IRC chat with Limewire. I had to download Limewire in order to use it on my mac. Also, I started a short tutorial about Ruby but ran into a roadblock when the tutorial wasn’t saying what the terminal was saying. 140 more words

Front End Development

Accidental Worldbuilding

J. R. R. Tolkien would turn over in his grave at the notion of a writer not building out his entire world in advance, and I’m sure that if Ursula K. 1,260 more words

IRC Commands

Some basic commands to get started with IRC:

/help – Displays some server hints

/connect SERVERNAME – Connect from the command prompt

/join #CHANNELNAME – Join the specified channel… 131 more words


minimum sizes for tiny houses

If you want to build a tiny house on the ground, then it’s a good idea to start with the International Residential Code’s (IRC) minimum size requirement: 120 square feet measured from interior faces of exterior walls. 1,027 more words

Tiny House Joy

My Memories of 9/11

Thirteen years is a long time. It didn’t even occur to me this morning that it’s September 11 until I saw a post on Twitter. Granted, I hadn’t had any coffee and I’d just woken up, but it’s scary how quickly time passes and the tragedies of the past become distant, wounds heal, and we even forget. 877 more words