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The insider's guide to Ireland's Amalfi Coast

Sorrento, Amalfi, Nerano.. if those names make you dream of your next holiday to Italy’s stunning south coast then you might want to consider visiting… 364 more words


Friday's Faces From the Past!

They Are Family…  but from which Twisted Limb? 

“…to gaze into the face of another is to gaze into the depth and entirety of his life.” 10 more words

Family History

Irish heat wave!!

Over cast and melting!? Strange way to enjoy a heat wave isn’t it!? But that’s what it’s like here in old Limerick City my friends! There is more sweet on our foreheads than the droplets in the Shannon! 187 more words


Dublin at night

The Spire – AKA – ‘The Toothpick’

O’Connell Street, photobombed by Dublin Bus

View from O’Connell Bridge

I have been living in Ireland for over 13 years now and never have I ever taken pictures of Dublin City until tonight. 58 more words

Two Big Sailing Yachts Visiting Ireland by Yacht Blog

By Gemma Fottles
At SuperYachtTimes.com, we usually take pleasure in seeing photographs of yachts in unusual areas. This week, we received photos from Ireland, the place two big sailing yachts manufactured their way to Dun Laoghaire Marina, located in the historic harbour of Dun Laoghaire on… if you want to view full content please visit this … 7 more words


Although we had both technically been out of the country before, this was our first trip flying across the entire ocean. Now I’m normally not the type to be afraid of flying (in fact, I love it) but for some reason I was really wiggin’ out a little with this flight. 1,696 more words