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The Flash S1E6: “A Man of Steel”

By MIna Haq 

This week on “The Flash,” Barry temporarily reverted back to his roots as the underdog when he faced off against his childhood nemesis and newest meta-human opponent with the help of Cisco and Caitlin, Iris’s fixation with The Streak grew stronger and actually put her in danger this time, and Joe sought the help of Wells in solving Barry’s mom’s murder case. 678 more words

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Shaun Rosado is recapping and reviewing The Flash this season. Follow him on Twitter @pneumaz!

“Supersonic Punch, Baby!”

Welcome back Flash fans! This week’s episode of The Flash “The Flash is Born” is kind of a mixed bag of good and bad. 1,416 more words


What kind of tool steals a yellow Humvee: Goon Reviews Flash "The Flash is Born"

Man, I really got to get me some super powers, they are just so neat!

Returning again to Central City we rejoin Barry Allen, aka The Flash.   1,281 more words


TV Review: The Flash, “The Flash Is Born” (S1,EP6) – The Bad Guy Wanted His Own Personal Blogger?

I knew that I probably wasn’t going to love “The Flash is Born” the second the episode started with Barry’s “friendly neighborhood Spider-Man” voice-over being taken over by Iris. 2,271 more words

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The Flash: "The Flash is Born"

“The Flash is Born” begins with a voiceover, per usual, but this time it comes from Iris West, as she pens another post for her blog to thank the Streak for what he’s done for their city. 1,176 more words


Review Round-up: The Flash 1.05 "Plastique"

This episode might just make me explode and not in the happy way. This fangirl does not hide her love of Lady Iris West and this episode while building her up, also helped others tear her down. 2,060 more words

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TV Show Review - The Flash "Pilot"


Hello interweb, Nate here.  Sorry I didn’t post anything Monday but I asked on my Facebook page if I can do this review today instead and you guys seem to be ok with it.  981 more words