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Basketry plans and prospects

Through winter and spring, I gathered some materials for basketry.  One fine day these iris plants were for sale at the Guild for a song.  I planted them in the garden, where they have struggled along but not actually died.  376 more words

Friendship Is The Best Form Of Wealth

Stomata of monocots

Abnormal and cytoplasmic connection of guard cells of stomata of leafs of six species of the monocots

by Babak Delnavaz Hashemloian and Azra Ataei Azimi… 102 more words

Morphological Types

Daily Flower Candy: Crocus chrysanthus 'Herald'

I wished for snow, and it came, although not the right kind of snow. It began promisingly, fine and dusty, but rapidly transformed itself into fat, soggy clumps and then plonky rain. 241 more words


Fashion and Eye Color

Perhaps you’ve noticed that eye color can apparently change depending on the color of something physically near the eyes, like a shirt.  One possible reason for this observation is that the colored part of the eye, the iris, reflects ambient light.   62 more words

Consider the Iris...

“Gardening….just another day at the plant.”
author unknown

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